If you pick a "Video Resolution" setting that causes the game to fail on launch, then you simply need to navigate to the Aces High settings folder (default location C:\Hitech Creations\Aces High\settings) and remove the video8.cfg file. The next time you start Aces High, you will be brought back to this screen.

Video resolution is described in terms of the number of pixels horizontally and vertically which can be displayed on your computer monitor. The first number specifies the count of pixels horizontally. The second number represents the number of pixels available vertically.
The pixel is the smallest unit which can be displayed on a video screen. Take a look at the 'period' at the end of this sentence. It is one pixel in size.

The number of pixels packed on the screen is what defines the sharpness and/or clarity of images.

The images to the right clearly show the difference the video resolution can make. Notice how much clearer and sharper the image is as the resolution increases.

Of course, as with any 3D graphics, the higher the resolution, the more work the video card must do. It is quite reasonable for video card performance to decrease as the video resolution is increased. Just looking at the increase in data needed for the raw frame each time it is updated gives us a clue.

640x480 1.17MB
800x600 1.83MB
1024x768 3MB
1280x1024 5MB
1600x1200 7.32MB
1920x1080 7.91MB
1920x1200 8.79MB
2560x1440 14.06MB
2560x1600 15.63MB
3840x1440 21.09MB

As you can see, the amount of data can get rather large. Consider this; every single byte of data must be reviewed by the video card for every frame and you start to see how this can impact the performance of the system.

Now that is just the raw frame data. It does not take into account the working frame buffers, the texture space needed to assemble the frame, scratch pad memory for video drivers, or memory for decompressing/compressing textures. As you increase the resolution, you exponentially increase the amount of work the video card must do in order to create a single visual frame.

640x480 online combat flight sim 640 x 480 resolution
800x600 flight sim 800 x 600 resolution
1024x768 ww2 flight sim 1024 x 768 resolution
1280x1024 flight sim 1280 x 1024 resolution
1600x1200 online flight sim 1600 x 1200 resolution

Overall, this is the single most prominent setting effecting the performance of the game. If you find the game runs too slow, then reducing the resolution is the fastest way to get the performance level up.  Keep in mind, when using a flat panel LCD monitor, the refresh rates and resolutions are normally fixed.  Running the game at that native resolution will alway yeild the best look for the game.


Running the game at resolutions which do not match the resolutiuon of the monitor can result in a blocky looking image, if the screen is filled.  Or the image may not take up the full face of the monitor.  This will depend on the monitor and how it is configured.  Refer to your monitor manufacturer documentation if you must run the game at other than the native resolution.

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Take part in special events such as historical scenarios where famous battles are recreated and reimagined or try your hand at air racing at tree top level against skilled competitors.

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