Additional Bitmap Requirements for skinning World War I Planes

The World War I planes have a unique damage model system, which requires a damage texture/bitmap to be submitted with each skin. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is an example, using the Camel.

There are two basic textures to skin with in the Camel, and other WWI aircraft, as follows:

Aces High World War 1 plane skin texture CAMEL_1.bmp Aces High World War 1 plane skin texture CAMEL_2.bmp

The name for the two textures are "CAMEL_1.bmp" and "CAMEL_2.bmp".

This brings us to the two complimentary damage textures.
Aces High World War 1 plane skin texture CAMEL1D.bmpAces High World War 1 plane skin texture CAMEL2D.bmp
You will notice the "CAMEL1D.bmp" is the same bitmap as "CAMEL_1.bmp", but has been given a damage mask overlay. Same goes for "CAMEL2D.bmp".

In order to produce a WW1 skin, you will need to take your two base skins/bitmaps and overlay them with the damage bitmaps provided here. It is important the base color of the damage mask stay at the RGB value of 255,0,255.

Once you have completed the overlay and conversion to an 8 bit indexed bitmap, you will need to get the index value where the color of the damage mask is stored in the bitmap. How this is accomplished will vary depending on your paint tool of choice. Typically it is shown in the color palette of the bitmap.

Please note, the "Damage Bitmap Layer" is a PNG file. This preserves the alpha channel so you can overlay the base texture without having to do any more work.
Plane Overlay this file with this Damage Layer to create this bitmap Set the index value of the mask color from the bitmap in this file
Camel CAMEL_1.bmp CAMEL1D.png CAMEL1D.bmp CAMEL1D_a.txt
  CAMEL_2.bmp CAMEL2D.png CAMEL2D.bmp CAMEL2D_a.txt
DR.I DR1_1.bmp DR1_1D.png DR1_1D.bmp DR1_1D_a.txt
  DR1_2.bmp DR1_2D.png DR1_2D.bmp DR1_2D_a.txt
D.VII D71.bmp D71D.png D71D.bmp D71D_a.txt
  D72.bmp D72D.png D72D.bmp D72D_a.txt

Right-click on the appropriate PNG files and save them to your hard drive for use as the damage overlay mask for skinning any of the WW1 planes.

Failure to include the above damage textures with a skin submission will cause the skin to be rejected.

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