Getting Started

Dot commands are entered into the radio buffer as an alternative to the graphical user interface. They are called "dot" commands because whenever the first character in the chat buffer is a period, or dot, the following characters are interpreted as a command.  You can type ".help" in the chat buffer to get a list of all dot commands.


Commands Available Online

Dot Command Parameter Action Example
accept GameID

Accepts GameID into your plane as an observer or as a gunner

.accept Skuzzy
cstat   This command displays your country status in the clipboard. .cstat
decline GameID Declines a join request from GameID (see .join) .decline Skuzzy
p GameID Text

Send a private chat message of Text to GameID in whatever arena GameID is currently logged into

.p Skuzzy Hey man.  I'm in lobby
radio Number Channel Tunes a radio chat buffer Number (1 - 5) to Channel. You can see what channel numbers are availabe here .radio 1 2
report GameID This command registers a complaint about GameID's text abuse. Abuse of the command itself is not tolerated. .report sudz
s GameID This command sends a salute to a player. Salutes are commonly used to express a good fight. .s sudz
showjoin 0 or 1 This command changes the way join requests are presented to you: 0 (zero) = Join requests will be displayed in your message bar. 1 (one) = Join requests wil be displayed using a pop up window. .showjoin 0
sqdaccept   This accepts an invitation to join a squad. .sqdaccept
sqddecline   This declines an invitation to join a squad. .sqddecline
sqddisband   This will delete the squadron (Only available to the squad Commanding Officer) .sqddisband
sqdeject GameID Removes GameID from your squad .sqdeject sudz
sqdinvite GameID Sends an invitation to GameID offering to join your squad.  The invitaion will be displayed to GameID the next time he logs into the arenas. .sqdinvite sudz
sqdname SquadName Changes your current squad's name to SquadName .sqdname USAA 160th FG
sqdpermission GameID Permissions Gives squad member GameID permissions to do squad action reserved for the CO.  See squad permissions .sqdpermission sudz 2
sqdwebpage WebPageURL Sets the web address for the squad. .sqdwebpage
sqdwithdraw   This command is used to withdraw from a squadron. If the CO executes this command, the squadron is disbanded as well. .sqdwithdraw
squelch GameID

This command prevents text from the named GameID from reaching your chat buffer for display. It stays in effect for the entire game session, but once you exit the game it resets.


This command also will prevent the named GamedID from being heard over your VOX channels.


The command can be executed multiple times, so it is possible to squelch multiple game ID's.

.squelch happy16

Squad Roster - this command is used to display the members of your squad and what arena the are currently flying in.

unsquelch GameID or ALL

This command restores text and voice from the named GameID to your chat buffer for display.  Use 'ALL' instead of GameID when you want to reset all players you've squelched.

.unsquelch ALL
vreport GameID

This command registers a complaint about a persons voice/VOX abuse. Abuse of the command itself is not tolerated.

.vreport sudz
vsquelch GameID

This command prevents voice from the named GameID from reaching your speakers. It stays in effect for the entire game session, but once you exit the game it resets.


The command can be executed multiple times, so it is possible to vsquelch multiple game ID's.

.vsquelch sudz
vunsquelch GameID 

This command restores voice/VOX communications from the named GameID.

.vunsquelch sudz


Commands Available In Flight

Dot Command   Parameters     Action              
ef   End Flight - takes you out of flight and back to the tower.  You should be stopped before attempting this. .ef
speed MPH Sets your speed between 100 and 400 MPH .speed 250
salvo DropCount While dropping bombs, this command will drop DropCount bombs with one press of the fire key. .salve 5
delay Seconds Delays the time between individual bomb drops from 0.05 seconds to 1 second

.delay 0.5



Commands Available When Not In Flight

Dot Command   Parameters    Action
fly   Launchs you onto the runway in the plane you last selected from the hangar .fly
country 1, 2, or 3 Changes your country: 1 = Bishops, 2 = Knights, 3 = Rooks .country 2
move FieldNumber Move you to field FieldNumber .move 72
handle NewGameID Changes your GameID to NewGameID.  Note there is a time limit between changing your handle again. .handle superSudz
plane PlaneNumber Changes which plane is your current selection.  plane 0 (zero) is a P-51D .plane 10
fuel FuelLoad Changes the amount of fuel loaded on your plane from 0 to 3 (3 = full) .fuel 2
score   Get your score for the current tour .score
sqdupload   Used by the squad CO to upload nose art. .sqdupload
join GameID Sends a request to GameID to join him in his plane as an observer or a gunner .join Skuzzy
unjoin GameID Detaches you from GameID's plane .unjoin Skuzzy
changeid NewGameID Changes your GameID to NewGameID. Note there is a time limit between changing your game id again. .changeid WWSudz
ord Group# Loadout# Changes your ordinance loadout to the Group# and Loadout#.  These correspond to the ammunition selection on the floor of the hangar. .ord 3 1



Commands Available During Offline Practice

Dot Command Parameters Action Example
det ObjectName CountryNumber detonates an object, such as a hangar or barrack, and credits its destruction to Country Number. .det F02BAB000 2
restore ObjectName restores ObjectName to full health. .restore F02BAB000


(none of these saves all)

saves arena configurations changed through the Options->Arena Setup menu selections. The configurations include which planes are enable and disabled at which fields (plane), field ownership (field), arena variables (var), and object hardnesses (obj). .save var


(none of these loads all)

loads the arena configurations that were previously set with the .save command. The only additional option is a filter which screens text chat for words found in the badword.txt file. .load
vset VariableName Value variable set - Sets an arena variable to a value. .vset MuteTime 700
eject GameID ejects GameID from the current arena. .eject happy16
time HH MM Multiplier Sets the arena time to HH (hours) and MM (minutes). If given, the arena time will flow at Multiplier * realtime to make the time go faster or slower. .time 13 15 2
wind alt heading speed {rise} Sets a wind to blow at speed (MPH) in the direction of heading (0 - 360) at altitude alt (in feet).  If rise is given, you get an updraft or downdraft (-127 - 127 MPH). .wind 3000 45 30
icon 1 or 0 Sets icons are viewed:  1 = FarIconSetting, 0 = NearIconSetting. .icon 1
reset CountryNumber resets a country's fields to the arena's default. .reset 2
jumptg TaskGroupNumber jumps a carrier task group TaskGroupNumber to the next waypoint on its path. .jumptg 12
setdowntime ObjectType Dowtime Sets the down time (in minutes) for a destroyed ObjectType. .setdowntime 12 20
sethardness ObjectType Hardness sets the hardness for ObjectType - the higher the hardness the more difficult to destroy. Its value is how many 1000lb bombs does it take to destroy. .sethardness 12 0.5
objectdefault   Resets the hardness and downtimes for all objects to the arena default .objectdefault

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