Cockpit Instruments

Aces High Airplane Cockpit features list

  1. Airspeed Indicator - White line shows your airspeed, red marker shows your true airspeed. Indicator reads in MPH.
  2. Compass
  3. Ordnance Display - Selected ordnance and count
  4. Gunsight
  5. Slip Indicator - Ball indicator shows slip/skid
  6. Flap Position Indicator
  7. Propellor RPM Indicator
  8. Oil Pressure
  9. Manifold Pressure Gauge
  10. Fuel Tank Quantity and Fuel Tank Selection - Shows quantity of tanks and which tank is currently selected. You can run in auto mode which will select tanks for CG balance.
  11. Surface Trim Indicators - Shows position of rudder, elevator and aileron trim tabs
  12. Accelerometer - Number of G's aircraft is pulling
  13. Beacon - Shows your connection status to the host
    • Grayed out - Nothing wrong
    • Green - Slight variance
    • Yellow - Problem exists
    • Red - Your connection is being lost
  14. Landing Gear Indicator - Green indicates gear down, grayed out indicates gear retracted, yellow indicates gear in transit.
  15. Clock - Shows current server time if online, adjusted time if set offline
  16. Auto-pilot Indicator
  17. Clipboard - Used for maps, roster, and mission planning
  18. Combat Trim Indicator
  19. Altimeter - Shows your current altitude in feet
  20. Turn and Bank Indicator
  21. Compass
  22. Vertical Speed Indicator - Climb/descent speed in thousands of feet per minute
  23. Artificial Horizon
  24. Engine Temperature

Note: The cockpit represented is the P-51 and is for informational purposes only. Aircraft cockpits will vary.

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