Network Status

Players may check their connection status at any time by right-clicking on the clipboard map, and selecting the "Net Status" option.

Aces High Network Graphs for variance and host queue time The Variance in Delay refers to the amount of time it takes for data packets received by your computer to be displayed on your screen. Your Variance in Delay is affected by such factors as your computer speed and type of connection to the host.

The red line in the Variance in Delay box is a base calculated from the number of frames per second (FPS) your computer displays. If your average FPS is 20, then you may expect a 0.05 second delay in displaying information sent down from the host.

The Host Queue Time is measured in milliseconds and displays any deviation from your average ping time to the host.

Large spikes in either display could indicate packet loss. Lost packets cause anomalies in the game such as disappearing or warping opponents, lost kills, or mid-air collisions when it appears that there is no opponent in sight.

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