The Aircraft View System

The view system consists of 5 view modes and 3 direction modes. The view modes are internal, external, chase, fixed, and bomb sight. The direction modes are snap, pan, and instant. Here's how they work:

<F1> Default View- This key press always returns you to internal snap mode from whatever view mode or setting you were in.

<F2> Internal View Mode- This takes your view point back inside the plane without changing your direction mode.

<F3> External View- Moves the camera outside the plane and keeps its position relative to the plane.

<F4> Chase View- Like External View, but with a lag.

<F5> Fixed View- Takes you to an external view that is fixed in space.

<F6> Bomb sight- Moves you to the bombardier position on planes that have them. Looking down (keypad key 0) will then put you in the bomb sight.

<F7> Snap Mode- The camera quick-pans between each of your views.

<F8> Pan Mode- Camera pans using the view keys.

<F9> Instant- Views shift instantly without the pan of the snap mode.

[] Bracket keys control your camera distance in external view and allow you to change your field of view in zoom mode.

Left and right arrow keys move your head side to side.

Up and down arrow keys move your head forward and aft.

PageUp and PageDown keys move your head up and down.

<F10> saves your head position.

<HOME> returns you to the default head position.

Example: I want to make it so my back view in the P-51 looks around the headrest. While holding down my backview I press the arrow keys and page up/page down keys to achieve my desired viewpoint. Once I'm there, I hit F10 to save it. Now every time I look in my back view, my head position will be in this new spot. This can be done separately to all 27 views.

Z - Zoom mode. Toggles you between the default 90 degree field of view and a narrower field of view. The exact field of view you want in the zoom mode can be controlled with the bracket keys.

Keypad views - A standard numeric keypad view system with <Keypad 0> as a down view. There are also two separate forward views. The normal one requires no key press while the alternate forward view uses key press 8. This lets you map two different head positions to a forward view.

Aces High also has a built-in keymapper that lets you reassign functions to whatever keys you want. Key assignments can even be changed while you're inflight.

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