The Roster

Aces High Roster list of online players in the given arenaThe roster in Aces High lists all players online, along with their rank, country, and squad affiliation. Clicking on the buttons at the top of each column will sort the list by player, rank, country or squad.

The Roster is always available and can be displayed at any time in the game.

Directly beneath the roster is a count of all players online for each country and the total number of fields owned by each country.

The Refresh button simply refreshes the roster list. Upon entering an online arena, the roster data is sent down from the host in packets, so it may be necessary to refresh several times before the roster list is complete.

Context menu from the roster listRight clicking on any Game ID in the Roster will bring up the roster menu, and all items in the menu pertain to the Game ID clicked.

Selecting the Go To menu item will move you to the same field as the player.  Of course, players may only move to fields owned by their country. If the player is in flight, selecting Go To will move you to the field that player took off from.

Selecting Join from the menu will attach you to the player. You will either be attached as a gunner or an observer, depending on the player's plane type and/or location.

The Score menu item will bring up the player's rank and score and display them in a text box on the clipboard's swing out page.

The Tune To menu item allows a player to quickly tune their radio to the player. The radio bar will pop up with the player privately tuned in radio 1.

The Squelch menu option will prevent you from seeing the selected player's text or hearing the player's voice.

The Squelch Voice option will prevent you from hearing the selected player's voice only. The text from the player will still come through.

The Report 'GameID' Voice and Report 'GameID' chat (GameID is automatically replaced with the players name selected from the roster) option generates a report about abusive voice or chat use. Abuse of this option will not be tolerated as there are repercussions when too many reports have been filed against another player.

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