Destroying an Object

How to blow up stuff and impress your friends using the object settings panel in Aces HighPlayers may destroy field objects when offline or as a Campaign Manager (CM) by clicking Options->Arena Setup->Objects->Destroy Objects on the clipboard menu.

The Destroy Objects dialog lists all objects by either field or country, depending on whether Show Field Objects or Show Country Objects is selected. Field object names start with an "F" and the field number and country objects start with a "C" and the country number. Bishops are country 1, Knights are country 2 and Rooks are country 3.

Selecting an object from the Object List displays the object name and the countries that may destroy the object. Clicking on Destroy will detonate the object. Destroyed objects are displayed in the list in light grey text. If you are in the tower at a field where you are destroying objects, you'll see the object detonate and hear the associated sound effect.

Destroying objects is useful for practicing specific aspects of the game. For example, if you want to practice dropping troops near a map room, you might detonate all gun emplacements at a field before taking up a C-47 and attempting a targeted drop.

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