Setting Arena Variables

The Arena Settings are the variables that control the arena environment. HTC sets the variables in the Main Arena, offline players can set the variables in their offline arenas, and CM's (Campaign Managers) set the variables in the Special Events Arena. In Aces High offline mode, any of the arena variables can be changed for experimenting or testing.

Aces High Arena Settings VariablesTo view the list of arena variables, click Options->Arena Setup->Environment->Arena Settings from the clipboard menu. The Arena Settings dialog appears with all system variables listed. Each line displays the variable's name and current value.

The Load button loads the last saved settings. The Save button saves the current settings. For example, if a CM has ExitInFlight on (current value set to 1) and players in his arena ask him to turn it off, the host can change the ExitInFlight value to 0 (off) and players in his arena will immediately be unable to exit in flight. If the CM clicks the Save button, the next time the arena starts and he clicks the Load button, the ExitInFlight value will be 0 (off).

Clicking the Default button will restore the original default variable values.

Double click on a variable name to change the value, or select the line in the list and click the Change... button. A dialog will appear on the clipboard's swing out page displaying the variable's min/max values, and either checkboxes or sliders to change the value and keep it in the appropriate range.

Some of the Arena Settings variables include:

Variable NameMinMaxDescription
BadWordFilterCnt 0 10 The number of warnings a player receives before he is automatically muted.
BoatWarningRange 0 264000 The range (in feet) from each field, factory, city or HQ when warning is triggered.
BomberWarningRange 0 264000 The range (in feet) from each field, factory, city or HQ when warning is triggered.
ChangeCountryTime 0 100000 Amount of time a player must be in one country before they can switch countries.
Color Variables 0 255 The color shades for clouds, fog, fog at dusk, light, the sun and sky can be set for day, dusk and night.
CountryCanFly 0 1 Enables flight for each country
DeathMaxCount 0 100 Limits the maximum number of deaths a player can have during the time limit set by DeathTimeMin.
DeathTimeMin 0 1440 Sets the time limit in minutes for the DeathMaxCount variable.
DownTimeMult 0.001 200 Determines how long destroyed objects take to regenerate.
Evening 12 24 The end of the arena "day".
FighterWarningRange 0 264000 The range (in feet) from each field, factory, city or HQ when warning is triggered.
FlightModeFlags 0 511  
FogVisibilityMiles 0.5 17 The range of visibility when fog is present.
FuelBurnRateMult 0.001 10 Sets the rate at which fuel is burned in the aircraft.
ManuverKillRange 1 30000 The range for scoring maneuver kills.
Morning 0 12 The beginning of the arena "day".
MuteTime 0 3600 The number of minutes a mute remains in effect.
PlaneGunAmmoMult 0.5 10 Determines the number of bullets an aircraft can take into the air.
PlayerResupplyTime 0 1440 Minutes of downtime when supplies are dropped.
ProtectObjects 0 1 Protects objects from being destroyed.
RadarAlt 0 100000 Sets the radar altitude.
RadarMode 0 511  
RadarUpdateRate 0 300 Controls the time in seconds between updating both sector counters and dots on radar. Example - If set to 20 seconds, the dot on your clipboard will only move every 20 seconds.
RandomRotate 0 1 Controls whether the country placement is random after an arena reboot.
SectorCounterAlt 0 600000 Controls minimum altitude above the terrain before a player shows up on sector counters.
SectorCounterRange 0 337920 Range from the radar tower
StallLimitAoA 0.05 5.00 Max AoA below stall AoA
StratDisabled 0 1 Convoys still run but do not resupply
TaskGroupCommandCnt 0 64 The number of task groups one player can have control of.
TaskGroupRespawnTime 0 360 Determines the amount of time it takes a task group to respawn after it has been destroyed.
VehicleWarningRange 0 264000 The range (in feet) from each field, factory, city or HQ when warning is triggered.
ViewModeFlags 0 63  
WarningFlags 0 15 Controls which models (fighter, bomber, vehicle, boat) trigger air raid warnings.

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