Combat Simulator

At HiTech Creations we are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve Aces High, our combat simulator that has been at the forefront of flight simulation games since it was introduced in 2000. Over the years we have added features and changed others, always thinking about our players and what we could do to make this World War 2 flight simulator better.

We are quite happy to announce our latest version of Aces High and we think you will be happy with it too. There are several improvements in this new version so let’s talk about them for a few minutes.

First, we overhauled our vehicle control system. Vehicles can now be controlled by a combination of mouse and keyboard in addition to a joystick. This makes the game so much easier for a new player who doesn’t yet have a joystick and allows that player to dive right into the action. The keyboard and mouse controls duplicate that of most first-person-shooter style games and that also adds to the ease for a new player.

Second, tanks have been given a new commander position that gives the player the capability to control multiple crew functions/positions simultaneously. The player will be able to control the tank, turret, main gun, hull gun, and scan for targets, all at the same time. This is a huge step forward from the past when a player could only control one function at a time; this change gives a much more realistic feeling to the operation of tanks.

Finally, this new version does away with the old generic tank sight and reticle and moves to a historically based sight with varying degrees of magnification, field of view, optical clarity, and reticles. In other words, sighting on a target is going to be as close to the real thing as has been seen in any online war game to date.

We will continue to make changes to Aces High based on your comments and recommendations. We started this company with the philosophy of making one game and making that the best game on the market. Aces High is that combat flight simulator and we are still committed, eleven years after our initial version, to making this the best combat simulator on the market. Thank you to our loyal customers and to those just climbing onboard……HAPPY FLYING!

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