Combat Simulator

If you are a student of inventions, or a student of the history of business, it should come as no surprise to you that it is better to concentrate all of your creative talents on one product rather than water-down your efforts and spread them between several products. A company is always in danger of doing an inferior job on all products if the product line is too many in number, whereas concentrating on one item means excellence.

That is the approach we have taken at HiTech Creations with Aces High, our wildly popular combat simulator. When we first introduced Aces High in 2000, we stated in our company vision and policy that there would be only one game and that every attempt would be made to make that game the best combat flight simulator on the market.

We feel we have achieved that goal, but that doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels. We continue to produce new versions of Aces High because you, the customer/player, demands that we do so. It is our vision to continue to produce a World War 2 flight simulator that cannot be matched by the competition, no matter how hard they may try with games like Total Simulation Series, Battleground Europe, or World of Tanks.

One item we are very proud of is our Aces High bulletin board, where gamers share ideas and strategies in hopes of helping newcomers or those players having problems with a particular aspect of our flight simulation game. Much of our success can be directly attributed to gamers who have volunteered their time and effort so that Aces High continues to lead the pack of flight games.

Another aspect of our WW2 flight sim which is helpful for first-time players is the choices we give in arenas. There are arenas available for different time periods during WW2, there is a training arena for newcomers, and an open lobby button where you can chat with other players and receive helpful tips.

Those two innovations are just two of many that have kept Aces High at the top of the heap in air combat simulator games. It hasn’t been easy to become number one, and the challenge to remain number one certainly is not easy, but the view from the top is so much better than from the bottom, and we have you, our customers, to thank for this lovely view. GAME ON!

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