Combat Simulator

Flight games are only as good as their creators and the attention to detail given to that particular combat simulator. At HiTech Creations we believe that giving 100% attention to one game, Aces High, enables us to make this the best combat flight simulator on the market and the results don’t lie.

While our competitors like Total Simulation Series are focusing on several games at once, thus watering down the quality, we focus completely on Aces High and that focus has made Aces High the leader in flight simulation games since 2000 when we introduced it to gamers around the world.

So what makes Aces High the best World War 2 flight simulator? How about over 35 versions, constantly changing as demand changes and technology improves? How about a bulletin board that gives help and support covering a wide range of issues? How about continual special events that test your skill against the best gamers in the world? How about a choice of seven different arenas that are guaranteed to give you different options using different aircraft AND an open lobby button that allows you to enter a chat room and talk to other players?

All of these reasons and more point to one obvious conclusion: Aces High is the leader of combat simulators because it is our only child and as such we devote our entire attention on that child. Why settle for having three games in the Top Ten of simulator games when you can have Number One!

We offer the widest array of choices among aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles. We offer the widest array of arenas in which to do battle. We offer the largest support staff of employees and volunteers to help you get started and improve as you play. We offer constant improvements based on the comments of our players. And we offer a free two-week download trial period so you can get your feet wet without spending a dime.

Why do we do all of that? Simply because we enjoy the view from the top and we don’t intend to give up that position anytime soon. And let us say one last word to our loyal followers: without you we couldn’t possibly be the number one combat simulator on the market, so keep us on our toes, keep giving us suggestions, and keep challenging us! It’s what we live for!

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