Version 2.20 Patch 0 Released July 22, 2010

Installing the patch manually

To install the patch manually, you will need to download the correct patch executable file.

WARNING: Failure to install the correct patch will render the game corrupt and require a full download and installation.

Check the current version of the game you have installed by starting the game. In the upper left corner of the opening screen is the version and patch number.

Use the following table to select the correct patch for your game version.

Your Game Version Use the follwing patch(s) to reach the latest release
Version 2.19 Patch 8 Version 2.19 Patch 8 to Version 2.20 Patch 0 (46.27MB)

If your game version is not listed in the above table, then you will either need to allow the game to auto-update itself, or you can download the entire game installation file.

High Resolution Texture Update
This release also requires an update to the high resolution texture package. If you currently have that package installed, you must install this update as well.

Changes from previous release
  • Updated fields and towns with new shapes and layouts.
  • The game now launches in Windowed mode after fixing issues related to that.
  • The sound system is now using the Miles sound system after fixing issues related to that.
  • Updated clipboard field maps for the new layouts.
  • Changed the gunsight reticle so that the mil size remains constant when your head position is moved.
  • Added the ability to change the mil width of a gunsight on a per sight basis. To change a sight’s max mil width, add a file containing a single text line with the number of mils desired (i.e. 256 for a 256 mil sight) into the sights folder with the same base name as the sight with a .mil extension. Example: default.bmp needs a file. The default gunsights are 128 mils in width.
  • Added an option for a max texture size of 2048. This will be used in the future as new planes begin to use 2048 textures for the cockpit interiors. You will need to have the hi-res texture pack installed to use 1024 or 2048 textures.
  • Fixed a bug in SdKfz 251 that prevented blast damage from registering.
  • Dead terrain objects now collide with bullets.
  • Fixed a bug on a number planes that caused pilot armor to not transfer damage to the pilot when it’s threshold was reached.
  • Relative bearing is now displayed in the upper left corner of the screen when you are in a gunner position.
  • Added armor info for vehicles in hangar menu next to the speed and climb charts.
  • Found errors in the thickness of the T-34 turrets. The T-34/76 front turret armor was too thin, and the turret of the T-34/85 was using the same values as the T-34/76 when it should be thicker.
  • Added a vertical and horizontal line to the offline .target feature.
  • Returned the old smoke trails to the large bombardment guns.
  • Added manned 17 pounder anti-tank guns to vehicle fields and ports.
  • Head position boundaries are no longer required to be square or rectangular.
  • Changed the jet engine sound from stereo to mono.
  • Fixed a bug that caused offline WW1 drones to sometimes fly at the same alt and speed as the WW2 planes.
  • Changed the force feedback stall effect to come on with the stall buffet sound instead of the stall horn.
  • Fixed minor drawing and sorting issues on the D3A, SBD, B-26, Fw 190, and B5N.
  • Changed where the fuselage fire is drawn on the Ki-67.
  • The Ju 88 and B-26 both had one prop with reversed pitch in the shape.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause video settings to switch to performance settings when exiting the game.

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