April 7, 2011

Here are some development screenshots of the new and improved M3 Halftrack for the next version of Aces High.  In addition to carrying troops and supplies it will also have some new hangar loadouts.  The new loadouts will enable its use as the M3 GMC (Gun Motor Carriage) equipped with an M1897A4 75mm cannon firing armor piercing and high explosive ammunition.   The M3 GMC served as an early tank destroyer for the U.S. and saw service in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, the Phillipines and the Pacific.


Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

m3-1s new vehicle screenshots for wwii flight simulator aces highm3-2s new vehicle screenshots for aces high combat flight simulator

m3-3s screenshots for aces high WW2 flight simulator gamem3-4s screenshot of new vehicle on aces high flight sim game

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