GRAPEVINE, TX, February 23, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- HiTech Creations has announced the much-anticipated release of a new version of their very popular online combat simulation, Aces High. Three significant additions highlight Version 2.23 of Aces High, a game that tests the skills of online players as they engage in combat in WWI and WWII simulated battles.

The legendary B-29 Superfortress has been added to the new version of Aces High. The B-29 gained fame during WWII and conducted a majority of the bombing runs against mainland Japan. Aces High is the only online combat simulation that offers a player-flyable B-29. Another addition to this new version is an updated 3D model of the A6M5 Zero (the late model version of the Zero), the highly maneuverable Japanese dogfighter of WWII. Finally, animated paratroopers used to capture bases, have been added to the new version, a key tool for players to capture territory.

"This is the first step towards a vision of integrating AI infantry and paratroopers into a more pronounced role in the game," says company CEO Dale Addink. "Aces High is about player- to- player combat in planes and vehicles and it will continue to be that. AI personnel will add a new layer to the immersion level of the game environment. Whether it is infantry fighting for territory or support personnel manning guns or refueling planes, it will add a lot to the online experience."

Aces High II can be downloaded free of charge at and includes a free two week online trial. Online multiplayer action requires a monthly subscription of $14.95, and Internet connection, a 1.8 GHz computer running Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7, a Direct X 9 compatible video card, and a joystick.

ABOUT HITECH CREATIONS AND ACES HIGH - HiTech Creations was founded by Dale Addink in 1999 upon a simple philosophy. "It's not to create a large corporation, a vast gaming network, or a line of online games. It's just to create one game, but one that is better than any other like it," Says Addink. Aces High was introduced in 2000 and has continuously expanded through 35 different versions. Each version added new features and updates such as integrated voice communications, expansion into land and sea combat, a combat film recorder, a terrain editor, and an ever-expanding assortment of combat equipment that grew from 15 planes to over 100 planes, vehicles, and boats. It has since also expanded into the WWI era, giving the online player the ultimate in simulation combat experience.


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