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/********************** version 3.03 patch 5 ************************/
1. Release a new Ar 234 mesh.

2. Fixed an issue that would make ditching large planes difficult.

3. Added roads rivers and rails, not unlike previous releases you do not need to add trucks, trains, and barges with the road system.
These are created on the fly. Road length no longer effects the speed of convoys.

4. Made a change that should prevent vehicles from getting stuck in water.

/********************** version 3.03 patch 6 ************************/
1. Corrected a guage issue introduced in patch 5..

Here is the list of changes in Aces High Version 3.02 Patch 12.

/********************** version 3.02 patch 12************************/
1. Relabeled the "Oclub" and "Hanger" menus to "Exit Arena" instead of "Quit".

2. Fixed an issue with the "Disable Auto Mode swap" in VR settings to cause some things to be 2D.

3. Fixed a window sizing issue on start up where the window sizing cursor would not show correctly.

4. Fixed an issue where the cursor would not display out side of the window, after exiting video options.

5. Added a "close" button to the radio dialog.

6. Added many options for URL displaying.

7. Added the dot command .ckh (Control Key Help).

We released Version 3.20 Patch 5 of Aces High III today.  Here are the release notes.

/********************** version 3.02 patch 5************************/

1. 17 pounder now can depress -6 instead of -1 degrees.

2. Fixed an issue which could cause vehicles to be below the terrain, if another object was below the terrain.

3. Fixed a very old issue that could cause PT boats or other objects to fall threw the terrain if they were not on their wheels (I.E. upside down or plane on belly).
   This could also be making some planes very hard to ditch in different places.

4. Added G force and Heading display to the Hud Corner Display

Here are the release notes for Version 3.02 Patch 6 of Aces High III.

/********************** version 3.02 patch 6************************/
1. Added new options in the Options->Preferences->Flight dialog for the hud text display.

2. Fixed an issue with VR displaying the corner hud info.

3. The heading circle can now be hidden in the hud corner display.

4. The thick cloud layer has been remade to impact FPS much less.

5. Changed the cloud editor to be able to adjust the empty setting for both width and height.

6. Fixed a bug where the clip board was moving on the title screen.

Here are the release notes for Patch 4 of Aces High III Version 3.2.

/********************** version 3.02 patch 4************************/

1. Fixed a collision issue which would cause objects to float above ground when near water.

2. Fixed a crash bug when using VR which would happen if you left an arena then went back in and tried to bring up any type of tool tip.

3. Made the water less transparent at the shore lines.

4. Fixed a bug with ping details only working on the first page and added server name along with IP address.

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