Version 2.23 Patch 0 Released February 22, 2011

Installing the patch manually

To install the patch manually, you will need to download the correct patch executable file.

WARNING: Failure to install the correct patch will render the game corrupt and require a full download and installation.

Check the current version of the game you have installed by starting the game. In the upper left corner of the opening screen is the version and patch number.

Use the following table to select the correct patch for your game version.

Your Game Version Use the following patch(s) to reach the latest release
Version 2.22 Patch 1 Version 2.22 Patch 1 to Version 2.23 Patch 0 (28 MB)

If your game version is not listed in the above table, then you will either need to allow the game to auto-update itself, or you can download the entire game installation file.

Changes from previous release

Added the B-29.  Thanks to Greebo for providing the skin.  Note that this skin does use a max texture resolution of 2048 instead of 1024.

CAUTION:  The B-29 is a large aircraft that can be loaded to staggering weights.  It is not going to be able to fly out of every place that it is available in every configuration.  Since it is a premium perk plane, we STRONGLY SUGGEST that you first familiarize yourself in offline practice mode with its takeoff characteristics at different weights and field altitudes as well as its structural limits at max speed and max G.  As always, use your perk points at your own risk.

Changed title screen art.  Thanks to Blade for the title art submission.  He wins 1000 perk points in each perk category.  Please see the sticky post in the Screenshots forum for info on submitting your screenshots.

Updated the A6M5 3D model.  Again thanks to Greebo of the Skinner Team for providing the skin.

Added music to the intro title screen.

Upped town capture % to 75%.

Updated the pilot bailout 3D model.

Updated the paratrooper 3D model.

Updated parachute on dropped vehicle and base supplies.

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a white screen crash on startup on certain machines.

Added a host option to switch voice compressors on the fly. We'll be using this feature to test out a new voice compressor in the future.

Fixed an issue that could bombs or rockets to launch from a slightly different spot than where they were hanging.

Increased rocket damage on German 28cm, British 60lb, and U.S. Bazooka rockets.

Made a number of changes in the bomber drones.  They now look much better during takeoff and will form up and go into follow mode when you reach 100 feet above ground level (used to be 250).  Drones will take a bit longer to reform up after maneuvering.

Moved the bomber entry point on runways forward so that all drones start on the runway.

Decreased damage on 100kg bombs to put it into the proper scale.  They were doing more damage than 250lb bombs despite weighing less.

Updated 2000lb bomb shape.

The view system is now active in the lobby.

The task group commander now shows up in the task group list when you first enter the arena.

Overstress sound from excessive speed now starts to play at a narrower speed range than before.

Found a bug in the B-17 that caused the right inner wing to be more susceptible to damage than the left inner wing.

Logging into the admin section with an invalid password was not generating an error message.

Opened up hangar doors at the airfield hangars.

Fixed head bounding issue on the G4M waist gunner.

Fixed z-fighting issue on town roads going over hills.

Fixed some draw order issues on ack guns.

Changed the torpedo shape on the B5N.

Fixed a damaged town structure that players could find a way into.

Calibrated flap indicators on various planes to get them to align correctly

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