To get padlock view to work you must make sure it is mapped under the View Keys in the keymapper. If you have just installed Aces High or if you haven't previously mapped keys, the padlock keys should already be mapped for you. You should see the padlock view associated with the F11 key, the target cycle with the Tab key, and the friendly mode toggle with the Ctrl-Tab.

Once the keys are mapped, use F11 to go into padlock view mode. Use Shift-Tab to center on a target and the Tab key to cycle through the targets in your view. The chosen target will appear with a thin rectangle around the icon.

After you have selected a target and changed to a different view mode, you may reacquire the target by hitting F11, then getting the target back into your view.

If you are trying out the padlock offline, you will need to use Ctrl-Tab to toggle on friendly padlock, as all drones offline are friendlies. While sitting in the tower or on the runway, use the Tab key to target on a friendly in view, and hit F11 for padlock view mode. Your view will then follow the targeted drone.

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