Scores in Aces High are logged in tours, with a new tour beginning on the first day of the month, or the Monday following the first. When a tour is rolled over, all scores are reset. Perk points are not reset with a new tour.

Scoring is broken down into five mission types:

  • Fighter
  • Bomber
  • Attack
  • Vehicle / Boat
  • Field Gunner

The attack mission type is somewhat different than the other types because many planes can fit into that category in addition to their main role. For those planes that have a secondary attack role, you'll be able to designate how you want your sortie scored prior to launching. So if you're loading up your fighter for some air-to-ground work, you'll probably want your sortie scored as an attack sortie rather than a fighter sortie and you'll be able to select between the two in the hangar.

The field gunner mission type is how your sortie is scored should you choose to man a gun on a fleet. This type is not ranked nor included in the overall rank calculations.

Each player has a fighter rank, bomber rank, attack rank and vehicle/boat rank that is determined from each of ten categories described below. Overall rank is calculated by adding up the ranks from the four mission types, and the player with the smallest sum is #1, next smallest #2, etc.

We have ten base categories that are scored at the end of each sortie depending upon your mission type. Only air categories are scored for fighter mission types, ground categories only for bomber mission types, and both air and ground are scored for attack, vehicle, boat and field gunner mission types.

Air Categories

Kills per Death
Kills per Sortie
Kills per Time
Hit percentage
Air points

Ground Categories
Damage per Death
Damage per Sortie
Bombing percentage
Ground points
Field captures


Air Categories
  • Kills per Death = TotalKills / ((Discos * 0.5) + Bails + Captures + Deaths + 1)
  • Kills per Sortie = TotalKills / TotalTourSorties
  • Kills per Time = TotalKills / TotalTourSortieTime
  • Hit percentage = TotalTourBulletsHit / TotalTourBulletsUsed
  • Air points = PlaneDamageScore + KillScore
Ground Categories
  • Damage per Death = TotalDamage / ((Discos * 0.5) + Bails + Captures + Deaths + 1)
  • Damage per Sortie = TotalDamage / TotalTourSorties
  • Bombing percentage =
    (TotalTourBombsHit + TotalTourRocketsHit + TotalTourTorpedosHit) /
    (TotalTourBombsUsed + TotalTourRocketsUsed + TotalTourTorpedosUsed)
  • Ground points =
    (DamagePointsScoredOnObjectsThisSortie * DeathMult) +
    TotalTourDamagePointsScoredOnObjects +
    (DestroyedPointsScoredOnObjectsThisSortie * DeathMult) +
  • Field captures = FieldCapturesThisSortie + TotalTourFieldCaptures

TotalKills are just air-to-air kills for fighter missions, air-to-air + air-to-ground kills for all other mission types.

PlaneDamageScore = (DamagePointsScoredOnEnemiesThisSortie * DeathMult) +

KillScore =
((AirKillsThisSortie * 1.0) + (AirAssistsThisSortie * 0.25) +
(GroundKillsThisSortie * 1.0) + (GroundAssistsThisSortie * 0.25) * DeathMult) +

TotalDamage =
(DamagePointsScoredOnObjectsThisSortie * DeathMult) +
TotalTourDamagePointsScoredOnObjects +
(DestroyedPointsScoredOnObjectsThisSortie * DeathMult) +

Death Multipliers

Landed 1.0

Discoed 0.25

Bailed 0.5

Ditched 0.75

Captured 0.4

Killed 0.25

Crashed 0.25

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