Aces High Squadron Manangement screenAny player not already in a squad may form a squad in Aces High. Squads in Aces High may have as few as 2 or as many as 32 members.

To get the Squad screen in Aces High, from the clipboard menu click on O'Club->Squads. If you are already in a squad, this screen will show your squad information. If you are not yet in a squad or if you are offline, the list box and edit boxes will be empty. Forming squads, changing squad information, and inviting or removing squad members must all be done online in the Main Arena.

To form a squad, type the Game ID of another player into the text box and click on the Invite button. When an invited player accepts your invitation, your squad is formed and you are the CO. If a player is not online when you send the invitation, the message is stored and they will see the invitation the next time they enter the arena. As the CO, you may continue to send out invitations for up to 32 squad members.

The squad CO can enter their squad's web page URL into the web page URL edit box and then press the Set button to send the URL to the host. After review by HTC staff, this URL is displayed on the Aces High Squads web page.

Once the squad is formed, the CO must give the squad a name by typing a name into the squad name edit box and clicking on the Set button next to the squad name. The squad CO and any members with Change Name permissions may change the squad name at any time.

Squad CO's have the ability to give members permission to do certain functions such as inviting new members into the squad, changing the squad name, or ejecting members from the squad. The CO sets the members permissions by clicking on a member's ID in the display list, then clicking on the permissions they would like for that member to have, then clicking on the Set button in the permissions group. Highlighting a member ID in the list display will show what permissions that member has been granted.

A Squad Message of the Day (MOTD) can be uploaded by the squad CO or any member with Invite and Eject permissions. The message can be either a short message (up to 128 characters) typed in and uploaded, or a longer message that is composed in a SquadID.txt file and then uploaded, with the SquadID being the game id of the squad CO.

The Eject button allows the squad CO or any member with Can Eject permission to eject members from their squad. Simply highlight a squad member's ID in the display list and click on the Eject button to remove that member.

The Refresh button will refresh the squad dialog after any change has been made.

The Disband button can only be used by the squad CO to disband the squad.

The Withdraw button can be used by any squad member to withdraw themselves from the squad.

The Upload Noseart button can be used by the squad CO to upload a 64x64 noseart graphic. Graphics are not displayed in the game nor on the web page until they have been reviewed by the HTC staff. The transparency color to use in order to make your noseart blend into the plane is {176, 176, 176}. To upload a graphic, make sure your 64x64 bitmap file is named with your Game ID and is in your ../HiTech Creations/Aces High/squads/ folder. Next, click the Upload Noseart button. Once the noseart is approved, your squad members may force the new image to download by deleting the existing noseart in their ../HiTech Creations/Aces High/squads folder.

The Close button will close the squad dialog.

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