Flight Simulators

At last count, there were over forty combat flight simulator games on the market.

That’s a lot to choose from!

And that is why we present this article. We are going to cut through the confusion, toss out the imposters, say goodbye to the wannabes, and deliver you, unscathed and unharmed, to the shores of Aces High, the best combat flight simulator on the market, the combat simulator with attitude.

The leader in World War 2 flight simulators!

Period! End of story!

Aces High!

Let’s get started!

20 years and counting

Flight sim games come, and flight sim games go, but among all of the in-and-outs, Aces High has stood tall for over twenty years. That kind of longevity can only be attained in a highly-competitive market if the product is first-rate, and Aces High is!

It begins with dedication to World War 2

When the creators of Aces High first started out, they were World War 2 buffs looking to combine their love of history with their love of gaming. They had the skills to create any type of game they could dream up, but they chose a World War 2 flight simulator game because they were fascinated with that war. Because of that fascination, and their desire to be as historically-accurate as possible, they spent hundreds of hours pouring over old photographs of World War 2, with a desire to recreate the aircraft, the ships, and the ground vehicles with complete accuracy.

The result: Aces High brings World War 2 to life on your computer. When you jump into the cockpit of your World War 2 aircraft, it looks exactly like the cockpit of the aircraft flown in 1942. You are transported back in time, over seventy years, to the war.

It begins with dedication to superior graphics

The greatest game idea in the world, in the history of gaming, is worthless without superior graphics. Otherwise, every game on the market will look like Pong.

Aces High delivers with some of the best gaming graphics on the market, but don’t take our word for it. Log on and find out for yourself.

All the help you could ever ask for

All games are confusing at first. We know that, and that is why we provide as much help as you need. We have forums on all aspects of our game. We have tutors if you need one-on-one help. We have videos and countless articles. Our dedicated group of administration and volunteers will not rest until all of your questions are answers and you are playing our game like a boss.

But don’t take our word for it . . .

But so far this article is just so many words, blah, blah, and more blah. That is why we offer a free two-week download of Aces High.

No credit card required, no tricks, no lies, just download our game, play it for two weeks, for free, and find out for yourself just how good the best can be.

Aces High is the name of our game. Challenging adventure is the way we rock n roll. Try us today!

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