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It is our opinion that Aces High, sitting high on the leaderboard of combat simulators for twenty years, offers great gaming value for any gamer of any age, but an opinion is pretty much worthless without proof.

So, this article will prove our opinion.

It begins with a free two-weeks

Try the free two-week download of Aces High. A full two-weeks. You can play 24/7 for a solid two weeks, for free, and if you can find a better deal than that, you should . . . oh, never mind, it’s impossible to find a better deal than full access to a leading World War 2 flight simulator for two weeks.

No credit card is required or asked for during those two weeks. You are under no obligation. You simply download our flight sim game and start playing.

Free – full access – for a full two weeks!

Monthly cost

When your two-week trial period is over, we ask you to sign up for $14.95 per month. You can sign up for one month. You can sign up for six months, or for as long as you want. Is $14.95 a large amount for a combat simulator, a leader in the field? We don’t believe so. We know it is a competitive price for one of the most trusted games on the market for the last twenty years. We know we offer a dedicated staff, and a team of volunteers, to help you get the most out of Aces High. We know our graphics are second to none, and our dedication to replicating the aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles of World War 2 is second to none.

$14.95 is what you’ll pay for two Big Mac meals. Those would be eaten in fifteen minutes and then the value is gone. Our $14.95 gives value over and over and over again during a month.

$14.95 is what you’ll pay for one ticket to a movie theater, two hours of entertainment. Our $14.95 is for an entire month of entertainment. Sorry, our deal does not come with popcorn.

Bottom line: this is a great deal for the best World War Two flight simulator, a leader of flight sim games.

Per play cost

Do the math to discover the true value of Aces High. If you played once per day, thirty times per month, our game would cost you fifty cents every time you logged on.

A half-buck to play a game? That’s like the old days or playing arcade games, stick in a couple quarters, play a rousing game of pinball, except those pinball games had a limited time, whereas with Aces High, your playing sessions will last as long as you want.

But that really doesn’t tell the true value of Aces High. What if each playing session in the previous example lasted one hour. We are talking about an entire hour of flight sim entertainment for a cost of a half-buck! If you can find a better deal than that, we strongly suggest you gobble it up as quickly as possible.

Final conclusion about Aces High

A leader among flight sim games for twenty years! That should tell you all you need to know about Aces High. Games come and games go, but Aces High has remained, improved, and continues to lead among combat simulators.

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