Flight Simulators

A huge range of aircraft.

The player can select from more than 50 planes in Aces High, more than many other flight simulators. Players can opt to use one of many planes from the classic British Spitfire Mk I fighter to the Japanese B5N2 bomber and even the Brewster B-239 from Finland, with all of the planes recreated in painstaking digital detail. There is also the chance to take control of tanks and boats, helping to provide the player with a full range of combat options.

Chance to battle friends online.

This is one of the main features of Aces High, and one that helps to distinguish it from other flight simulators. The game allows the player to hop online, tool up their plane and take to the skies to take on their friends in fierce aerial battles in an attempt to win bragging rights. The online game play is set up to be intense and engaging, with player's scores recorded on the official Aces High website so they can be shared with friends and families. Play for free. While playing Aces High as an online flight simulator is more than worth paying for, the ability to play offline for free has helped it to become a very popular flight sim. Players can ready themselves for online combat by taking part in several training missions and practice modes. 

Addictive game play.

Unlike many other WWII online games, Aces High brings a great deal of realism to the flight simulator genre. However, that does not mean that the game is boring. On the contrary: while it may be tough to fully understand the controls at first, Aces High offers a great deal of enjoyment where hours of fun can be had. The player can take on hundreds of other gamers from around the world and can even start or join a squadron.

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