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Warbirds are flown in online flight simulator, Aces High.  The word warbirds may conjure up images of old planes involved in dogfights or ground assaults but these days it can mean even more.  The historical value of these now outdated craft can show how they helped win the war.  The definition of and types of warbirds can assist players in choosing which aircraft as they begin their journey into World War II games.

What is a Warbird?  The definition may vary somewhat depending on who is asked but it is basically a vintage military aircraft.  All of these planes were flown for a branch of some country's armed services and have been retired.  Due to their loyal fans, clubs and organizations have been founded to further the appreciation for these gems.  Many active participants buy and restore these old aircraft to their original condition.  Now that's dedication to preserving history!  Some of these aircraft are replicated and made new to show what they would look like if one was restored.

From the air, World War 2 was fought with many types of armed airplanes.  These warbirds may look the same to someone on the ground just staring into the distance but upon closer inspection, there are vast differences.  The Soviet Union had the Yak-9s and Germany had the Fw 190s and Me 262s.  Britain showed the world their Spitfires and Japan illustrated their skills with the Zero. The US came out with the P-51 Mustangs and F-6 Hellcats.  What a way to save the day and now such aerial replays can be done in an online flight simulator.

Piloting Warbirds on Aces High can be a fun way to step back in time.  Players can see for themselves what it was like to be in the cockpit of an authentic plane and take on the opposing side.  Face other online players in serious in-flight combat scenarios, form a squadron or create select missions using the best online flight simulator available.  Artistic participants can even create historically accurate skins for their planes.

What better way to learn about history than being there?  Being in control of a virtual aircraft used in World War II can show players details that a book never could.  What an enjoyable way to be part of military history and learn what kind of hero you would have been.

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