Flight Simulators

A great dogfight game, one that truly gets the heartbeat racing, must include an online flight simulator.  Gamers want to feel the rush of adrenaline and experience up close aerial combat.  What better way to do that then with a great World War II game like Aces High?  This game, like other great combat games, includes a flight simulator, authentic aircraft and serious firepower.

Every pilot involved in a dogfight has got to have nerves of steel. It's best to know if players have the right stuff before they're in the air.  Now they can try out a virtual cockpit and get the feel of it before jumping into combat.  Enter the online flight simulator.  This option makes a good online game great.  Essentially all that's missing are the battle scars after taking part in an aerial skirmish via Aces High.  No game comes close to showing how the skies were won without use of the flight simulator.

Accept no substitutions when going the distance in a dogfight game.  Just like an outlaw wouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, a real gamer wouldn't play a World War II game without use of an authentic aircraft.  Look for historically accurate replicas to select from.  If skeptical, research planes to ensure they are the real deal.  To replicate missions, the goal is to see how individual airplanes handled themselves.  Without authentic planes, there's no genuine military history being recreated.

A dogfight game without weapons is like a hurricane without rain.  Don't forget to check for firepower because whichever side you're on, you'll need those guns.  Verify for accuracy to make sure the chosen aircraft has correct artillery for that specific time period.  Look at other online players and films to learn more about the weapons of choice, how they were strategically used and how to make the most of them.  An online flight simulator can also be a helpful tool when training to become a top fighter pilot.
A dogfight game can be a fun way to experience a World War II simulated event.  Taking the time to find the right game, like Aces High, can be worth its weight in spades.  An online flight simulator, authenticity and firepower all aid in making a historical online game quite entertaining.

Flight Sim Screen Shots