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Despite the fact that the first combat simulator hit the market back in the 1990s, there is still some confusion among the buying public what, exactly, a combat simulator is, and how it differs from other flight sim games. Hopefully, we can clarify in this article.

We are HiTech Creations, the manufacturers of Aces High, a leading combat simulator since 2000. When you want the very best in a combat simulator, Aces High is the logical choice.

What is a combat simulator?

A combat simulator, also known as a combat flight simulator, is a vehicle simulation game, usually played within a military area, and it features aircraft as well as ground vehicles and ships. Many of these games are set in a particular historical era, as in a World War 2 Flight Simulator, or a Korean Combat Simulator. Depending upon the war which is highlighted, the aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships will all closely resemble those actually used during those particular wars.

Players can play against the game, or against the computer, or they can be played against other gamers, in real time, meaning they are what is called an MMO game. These games are ongoing, 24/7, so anytime you log on and enter the games arena, there is a conflict, or multiple conflicts, happening.

Is a combat simulator and a flight sim game the same thing?

The term “flight sim” can be confused with “flight simulator,” which is a machine used by flying schools to help teach would-be pilots how to fly an aircraft. Although a flight sim game is quite lifelike, it in no way teaches the details necessary to actually fly a real aircraft.

Will you enjoy playing them?

The easy answer to this question, from our standpoint, is YES, but you would expect a game-maker to say that. It is our job, however, to make sure you enjoy it, and that is why we are constantly releasing new and improved versions of Aces High. We refuse to stand on our considerable laurels and take our success for granted. We want to continue to find ways we can make Aces High the best combat simulator on the market, and the best combat simulator all-time.

Will you enjoy Aces High? Our hope is yes, and we are so confident that you will that we offer our flight sim game free for a full two weeks. That’s right, you have total access to every facet of our game, to our forums, to our training videos, and to our team of volunteers, for a full two weeks before we ask you to even consider paying us any money. That’s how confident we are that you will enjoy playing Aces High.

Will you enjoy playing combat simulators made by other companies? Try them out and find out for yourself, provided they offer free downloads like we do.

A final word about Aces High.

Twenty-three years ago we decided to make a combat simulator, and we vowed it would be the only game we produced. Our goal was to make one game and make it the best.

We are still here, doing our thing, and we invite you join us.

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