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As 1941 came to a close the Japanese military braintrust was determined to isolate China from the rest of the world. To do so it was acknowledged that the main supply route for China, the Burma Road, had to be shut down. As that drama unfolded the main opposition to the Japanese aggression was an RAF squadron and one squadron of the AVG (American Volunteer Group), headquartered near Burma’s capitol, Rangoon.

On December 23, 1941, Japan began a series of bombing runs against Rangoon. For the next two days the skies over Rangoon were filled with aerial battles between the highly maneuverable Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero, Japan’s excellent long-range carrier fighter boasting a 12:1 kill ratio, and a much smaller number of P-40E’s, P-40B’s, and Brewster Buffaloes, the F2A’s known as the “flying coffins.” For all intent and purposes this should have been an extremely one-sided engagement, but the RAF and AVG distinguished themselves well during those three days and the Burma Road and Rangoon remained open and free after the onslaught.

With the advent of 1942 Rangoon continued to be bombed almost daily and the depleted RAF and AVG forces were scrambling to find a way to prevent the unpreventable.

Welcome to the new Aces High scenario “Road To Rangoon” coming this Spring. Registration begins March 27, 2011 and in order to register you need to go to http://www.ahevents.org . A complete schedule of frames is available at that site as well as sign-up information and instructions. Just follow the link in the upper right corner to the registration page.

Axis aircraft for this scenario will include the famous Zero’s, the A6M2 and A6M5, as well as the Bf-110C4 and the G4M-1. Flying for the RAF and AVG will be the P-40B Tomahawk, the P-40E Warhawk, the Hawker Hurricane Mk-1, and the F2A Brewster Buffalo.

Scenarios are just one of many special events offered on Aces High, the leader in WWII online games. HiTech Creations is continually upgrading this game to offer the participants an ever-changing format and constant new challenges. Get your buddies to sign up and fly in your own designated unit as you fly the skies over Rangoon and do battle with other dogfight experts. The action will be hot and heavy as you constantly scan the skies for enemy aircraft.

The outcome of the Burma Road is in your hands. Capture or defend Rangoon, it all depends on your flying prowess in this exciting new scenario brought to you by the creators of Aces High.

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