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It has been said in countless articles that World War II computer games are only as good as their graphics. There is another school of thought, however, that says yes, graphics are import, but of equal importance is the capability of players to coordinate with other players, the degree of control a player has in staging forces in a combat structure to better insure success in battle.

Aces High, and other quality flight simulation games, give a great deal of freedom to players so that they experience what it is like to coordinate their troops, planes, ships, and ground vehicles in a sustained engagement.

In the actual Air Force hierarchy, the breakdown of forces looks something like this:

  • Wing/Group 45-100 aircraft
  • Group/Wing 17-45 aircraft
  • Squadron 7-16 aircraft
  • Flight 4-6 aircraft
  • Section or Detail 2-4 aircraft

A similar hierarchy exists in the Navy and Army, a complex structure if individual units, under individual commands, all coordinated by a central command. Communication is obviously crucial, as is a detailed and yet concise battle plan for any engagement.

But what happens if communication should break down during battle? What happens if individual pieces lose contact with the central command? Well, that’s what all the training is for and it then becomes the job of the individual unit commander to keep the battle plan in mind while adjusting to the events that are happening immediately. Civil War enthusiasts still marvel to this day about the ability of commanders to move their troops in territory in which they were virtually blind regarding troop movement and enemy movement. It is no simple task moving battalions consisting of thousands of men through forests in some sort of formation and coordinating wings so that the entire battle line remains protected.

All of this is to say that some of the greatest moments while playing an online combat game happen while working in tandem with other squadrons, all coordinated for a central purpose. Aces High offers similar opportunities when they hold special scenarios, and in no small way each time you log on and climb into your cockpit you have the choice to sign up with a squadron and work together towards a common goal, all while traveling 300 mph over unfamiliar terrain.

If you are looking for the ultimate in gaming experience, and have the desire to live vicariously the way WWII pilots must have lived, then download Aces High, strap on your helmet, and fly our challenging skies.


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