Flight Simulators

It’s funny about descriptions and labels; so many of them mean the same thing, but because they are worded differently they confuse people. Take for instance the phrase “online flight sim games.” At various times that has been described as flight sim, flight simulator, simulation games, flight simulation games, and of course online flight sim games. Whatever you want to call it, Aces High is hands down the best in the field.

So what does that label mean? Let’s break it down and find out. Online obviously means that it is meant to play on a computer. Flight means the game has something to do with flying an airplane. Sim is an abbreviation for simulation, which simply means to imitate some real thing, in this case to imitate flying. And finally games means that while playing this simulation you will be competing against other players.

HiTech Creations began this business with the simple philosophy to create one game, a combat flight simulator, and one game only, and to make it the best online flight sim game on the market. They have never changed that philosophy since Aces High first came on the market in 2000. All of their efforts, all of their creative talents, all of their brain power have gone into Aces High, and the public has responded by making this dynamite game the best year after year.

Most of the action on Aces High is centered on World War 2; thus, it is sometimes referred to as a World War 2 flight simulator. The aircraft, ships, and land support vehicles are all replicas of those found in World War 2. The 3D cockpit is a replica of an actual cockpit found in World War 2. There is nothing cheesy about Aces High and any World War II student will appreciate the attention to detail that is found in this great combat simulator.

So what makes Aces High the best? Well, we suggest you try Aces High and then try to leading competitors, like Total Simulation Series. We think you will find, once you actually try the two, that in every category possible it is apparent that when HiTech Creations decided to make only one game instead of a series of games that they made the right decision. We are that confident and so we invite you to try out Battleground Europe or World of Tanks, or any of the other simulation games out there. We know that once you do you will come back to Aces High, the leader in online flight sim games.

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