Flight Simulators

What makes a great World War 2 flight simulator? Now there’s a question that has a whole bunch of answers. I guess we need to break it down into two separate questions: first, what makes a great flight simulator and second, what makes a great World War 2 simulator, because both facets are in play when discussing the competition on the market in flight sim games.

When HiTech Creations started Aces High in 2000 they were determined to make one game and one game only, and that game was going to be the best on the market. Period! They weren’t going to water down their efforts by making several games, like some of the competition, and they weren’t going to jeopardize their stated goal by hiring anyone but the best among the experts in this field.

So the experts behind Aces High were first and foremost students of World War II. It was very important to the creators of Aces High that their staff have a love affair with World War 2 and flying, just as they did, thus ensuring that every possible detail of that war was simulated in Aces High. You can see this love of detail in the aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships that can be found in Aces High, and you can also see it in the dedication of volunteers who run special events aimed at honoring World War 2 events and simulating the details as closely as possible.

Secondly, it was important to the creators of Aces High to produce the best in flight simulators. The controls in the 3D cockpit are filled with painstaking detail and the response to controls makes it seem as though you truly are in the skies over Midway as Zeros shoot at you from every possible angle.

If you plan on trying out several flight simulators, or flight sims as they are often called, then pay attention to those aforementioned criteria and see for yourself that Aces High leads the way. Heck, the creators of Aces High are so sure that you will agree that they give you a free two-week download to try it out. That, my friends, is confidence at its very best. HiTech Creations makes one World War 2 flight simulator, and it is the best on the market. Games like Total Simulation Series come and go over the years but since 2000 only Aces High has stood atop the competition and that’s because of their one and only goal: to make one game, one game only, and have that game be the very best.

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