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World War 2 flight simulators need to be authentic or they are just another run-of-the-mill flight sim. The good ones go the extra mile to provide aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships that come as close to reality as is possible with an online game.

Aces High recently featured their version of the B-29 Superfortress, the number one workhorse in World War II. The B-29 had a pretty interesting history in aviation, one worth mentioning here.

Boeing believed so strongly in their pressurized long-range bomber design that they developed the prototype for the B-29 using their own funds before an order was even placed by the military. This bomber was capable of delivering 20,000 lbs of bombs to a target 4,290 km away and could fly at a speed of 400 mph, unheard of figures for 1938-1939 when development was taking place.

Eventually the Air Corps placed their orders for this “Super Bomber” and by 1942, 500 of these bombers had been ordered. It became the largest aircraft to see action in World War II. Originally it was planned as a high-altitude daytime bomber but in reality it ended up doing more low-altitude nighttime incendiary bombing missions, especially against Japan towards the end of the war. It was also one of the few aircraft to continue in service after World War 2, seeing considerable action in the Korean War. By the time it was retired from service, in 1960, there had been 3,970 aircraft built.

The B-29 was a four-engine propeller-driven bomber that was flown by the United States as well as Great Britain; a slight variation of it was also flown by Russia under the name Tupolev Tu-4. It is probably best known as the bomber that carried the atomic bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ultimately ended the war in the Pacific Theater.

Attention to that kind of detail has set Aces High at the front of the pack in combat simulators. If flight simulation games don’t give you that kind of detail and authenticity then they simply are not worth your time and effort.

Still have some doubts about Aces High? Then we suggest you sign on for the free two-week download and find out what a real flight simulator is all about. We guarantee that once you fly the Aces High skies you won’t want to try any other World War 2 flight simulator.

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