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HiTech Creations is not staffed by a bunch of computer geeks but rather by a team of history buffs who are incredibly knowledgeable about World War II. How else could they have produced a combat flight simulator that so closely simulates World War Two?

Knowledge of individual battles, strategies, and war machinery was crucial in the development of Aces High. One such battle was the Battle of Hurtgen Forest, the longest battle on German ground during World War 2. It was a series of battles fought from September 14, 1944 to February 10, 1945 within a fifty-square mile area east of the Belgian-German border. The Allied forces were intent on pinning down and trapping the German forces and preventing them from reinforcing along the front lines further north.

This was an incredibly costly battle and is generally considered a defeat for the American dominated Allied forces. Going into battle the Americans had approximately 120,000 troops in the First U.S. Army, the V Corps, and the VII Corps. The Germans defended with 80,000 troops. When the battle had ended the United States had suffered close to 33,000 casualties and the Germans 28,000 casualties.

This battle, or series of battles, preceded the eventual Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Offensive, the last major German offensive on the Western Front. It could be argued that in the defeat the American forces accomplished very little or it could be argued that they managed to further cripple a German army that could not afford such losses at that stage in World War Two.

Combat simulators are only as good as the knowledge had by the creators. Attention to detail is crucial in order to hold the interest of a gamer seeking realistic flight simulation games.  It is this kind of attention to detail that has kept Aces High the leader of World War 2 flight simulations since its inception.

Ask yourself what you are looking for in a combat simulator? Are you looking for incredibly accurate depictions of World War 2 aircraft? Are you looking for accurate depictions of ground vehicles and ships? Are you looking for seemingly life-like arenas in which to do combat? Are you looking for a support staff that knows World War II almost as well as it knows how to produce a simulation? Well if your answer to all of those questions is YES then look no further because Aces High is the flight simulation game for you.

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