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Codename Operation Shingle, otherwise known as the Battle of Anzio, was fought from January 22, 1944 to June 5, 1944. This was an interesting battle in that it combined tenacity, courage, and of course botched leadership. It is also interesting for this writer because my father fought in this battle and three others in the Italian Campaign. Let’s read on as we at Aces High continue to review some of the major battles during World War 2.

American forces under the command of Major General John Lucas intended to outflank the German forces and move swiftly towards Rome, the ultimate goal of the Italian Campaign. It didn’t work out quite the way it was written up in the planning room.

This amphibious landing could only succeed if it was done without the enemy being aware of it AND if the invading force moved quickly once it had landed. If those two things did not happen the German forces would be able to dig in and defend from the surrounding mountains and then all plans would be forsaken and a long, drawn out battle would ensue. And that is exactly what happened.

The landing went off without a hitch and the Germans were completely unaware of it; jeep patrols were sent out and encountered no opposition all the way to the outskirts of Rome. The stage was set for a highly successful operation; unfortunately, Major General Lucas exercised caution and the delay proved very costly. By the time Lucas decided to move on to Rome the Germans had dug in and a lengthy battle followed with daily shelling of the beachhead and deplorable conditions for the American forces.

Lucas was eventually relieved of duty and replaced by Major General Lucian Truscott and in May of 1944 the Allied forces broke out of the trap and moved towards Rome and captured that city on June 4th.

Casualties were listed as 43,000 for the American forces and 40,000 for the Germans. What was apparent then and more apparent now in hindsight is that the American losses should have never been that high; a cautious commander cost the lives of quite a few Americans during that long battle.

Understanding history helps any serious gamer or game creator to better appreciate the context within which the game is played. HiTech Creations understands this and Aces High is easily the best combat flight simulator on the market because of the attention to detail by the creators. Flight simulators World War 2 style don’t get any better than Aces High.

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