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So oftentimes during discussions of World War II only the major battles are mentioned, the ones that had significant impact on the entire war or were glorified in books or movies. In fact, there were hundreds of battles and skirmishes during the war and it is one of the lesser-known battles that we will discuss today for our “Overview of WWII Battles” series.

The Battle of Nancy was fought from September 5-15, 1944, between the 3rd Army of the United States and the German XXXXVII Panzerkorps in the area around Nancy, France.

The 3rd Army was spread quite thin at this point in the war so for the Nancy campaign only the 4th Armored Division, the 35th Infantry Division and the 80th Infantry Division were available. After ten days of fierce fighting the United States lost 2,851 men from the 80th Division and the Germans lost 4,081 men from their 3rd PG and 553rd VG Divisions. With this hard-fought victory the United States was able to move across the Moselle River, liberate Nancy, and use this central city as a staging and communications center for the remainder of the war.

Having said all that, one is left with a rather tidy description of what was in no way a tidy little battle. For ten days soldiers pounded each other in a relentless attempt to defend and/or overtake a small, seemingly meaningless city in France. As with so many towns and cities and locations during a war, they are thrust into the limelight and the history books because of their geographical location and the fact that two massive armies happened to choose that spot to do warfare. Look at any war and you find countless examples of that fact; Gettysburg is a wonderful example of a location that was the right place at the right time and one of the most famous battles in warfare history took place because of that fact.

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