Flight Simulators

We at HiTech Creations were sitting around the other day thinking about one of our former competitors, namely Fighter Ace. As you may recall Fighter Ace was the product of Ketsujin Studios and it was incredibly popular during its run as a combat flight simulator. From 1998-2010 it provided countless hours of entertainment and thrills for flight sim players around the world.

Like our wildly successful Aces High, Fighter Ace players flew World War II fighter and bomber planes in combat against other players and virtual pilots, and like our game it had a free two-week trial available.

Like our game Fighter Ace offered different arenas to play in and different levels of competition, from beginners to advanced.

Like our game it had a very loyal following around the world and like our game players formed squadrons and leagues and ongoing competitions.

However, unlike Aces High, on August 1, 2010 Fighter Ace closed its online servers and said goodbye to its loyal customers. Ongoing monetary losses forced Ketsujin to discontinue Fighter Ace and the world of World War 2 Flight Simulators lost a mainstay.

So that left us wondering how we have remained at the top of this industry for so long and it came back to one point and one point only: from the very beginning we dedicated ourselves to making one flight sim game and only one, and we dedicated ourselves to making that game, Aces High, the best possible flight sim game on the market.

We are constantly improving and revising and tinkering with Aces High; we are listening to our gamers and relying heavily on our loyal band of volunteers and we are making note of what our competitors and doing right and what they are doing wrong.

And after all of that analysis and tinkering and fine-tuning we still sit at the top of the heap and take on all comers. Listen, this is a highly competitive business. The makers of Fighter Ace found that out; after thirteen years of success and loyal following they had to close their doors; after thirteen years of hanging in there against the best that Aces High could throw at them, they finally had to close their game and move on.

We aren’t ready to close our game and move on. We at HiTech Creations are planning on many more years of serving our playing public and providing the very best in entertainment. Strap on your helmets and fly the skies with Aces High.

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