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Imagine what it must have been like back in the 40’s during World War II.  Fresh out of flight school, your training behind you, now you have been shipped to an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific and your orders have been received.  You are to fly in a squadron on a bombing run over the Philippines.  Your adrenalin has kicked in as you sit in the cockpit and you do an instrument check.  The cockpit has been lowered down, the engine is rumbling beneath you and all systems are go for take-off.

What a rush that must have been!  What a thrill that had to be when you lifted off the carrier and headed into those azure skies, not knowing what awaited you.

Welcome to Aces High, the online combat flight simulator where you get a taste of what it was like back in World War 2.  Check your instrument panel in your 3D cockpit; you have your orders and you are scanning the skies for enemy planes.  Against you are some of the best online flight sim players in the world and they are waiting for you to make one mistake so they can capitalize on that mistake and shoot you out of the skies.

Never fear because you have at your disposal the best weapons available.  With Aces High you have forums and films that help you as you learn to navigate the skies of Aces High.  There are special events constantly being held to help you sharpen your skills to a razor sharp level.  You have a team of volunteers who are at the ready, always willing to help you with your problems or questions.  You have, in summary, all you need to enjoy this highly enjoyable World War 2 Flight Simulator.

Why is Aces High so popular?  Simply because it is the best!  We have been around now for thirteen years, constantly improving our game, and the net result is the best combat flight simulator on the market.  Do you think we jest?  Try our free two-week trial and find out for yourself.  We are willing to be that after you have had your free two weeks you will sign on for a lifetime.  Aces High really is that good.

Others come and go but only Aces High has been at the top of the pack for thirteen years.  Find out for yourself; sign up today, strap on your helmet, and lift off into the skies of Aces High for the thrill of a lifetime.

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