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The Eastern Front was defined as Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, and conflict occurred there from June 1941 until May 9, 1945.  Most battles were fought between the European Axis powers and Finland against the Soviet Union, Poland and on occasion other Allied Powers. In Russia those engagements were called the Great Patriotic War, but most historians recognize it as the Eastern Campaign.

For the most part, the United Kingdom and the United States did not participate in military engagements along the Eastern Front, but they did provide military weapons and supplies for Russia as it constantly engaged with Germany.  Of the total seventy million deaths of World War 2, a full thirty million occurred in this area of fighting.  The brutality of fighting, the extermination camps, the death marches and the civilian loss of life was absolutely horrendous in this area.  Russia was fighting for its sovereignty and it had the manpower to continue the fighting indefinitely.  Germany was fighting for survival, for to lose the Eastern Front meant leaving the backdoor open to invasion of Germany and ultimately the loss of the war, which is, in fact, what happened in 1944 and 1945 as Russia eventually wore down the German resolve to fight by sheer brute force and numbers.

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