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The Western Front encompassed Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Western Germany.  Although the majority of deaths in World War 2 occurred in the Eastern Front, action was still fast and furious in the Western Front throughout the war, and it was divided into two phases.

The first phase happened with the surrender of the Netherlands, Belgium and France in early 1940, and continued through the air war between Germany and Great Britain which climaxed with the Battle of Britain.  The second phase of major fighting in the Western Front happened from June 1944 with the Allied landings in Normandy and continued until Germany was defeated in May 1945.

True, most of the German deaths occurred in the Eastern Front, but the losses in the Western Front were most crippling to Germany for the simple reason that they could not be replaced and that meant their defenses on home turf eventually dwindled and disappeared.  In other words, Germany simply did not have the resources to fight a major campaign on two different Fronts, a fact the Allies understood all too well and exploited to perfection.  Much like the South during the American Civil War, it was only a matter of time and attrition before Germany would be forced to surrender.  The Allies simply had too many resources and too many means of producing more resources, and that, eventually, was the reason for the Allied victory in World War 2.

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