Aces High Game Arena List Information for combat flight simulator gameAces High has several online arenas available for multi-player gaming.  To go online, you must have an active subscription with HiTech Creations or be in a two week free trial period.

The arena list includes the Arena name, the Players/Max, and the Ping time to the arena.

The first number in the Players/Max count represents the current number of players in the arena and the second number is the total number of players allowed in the arena.

The Aces High arenas use a dynamic or floating limit for the arenas where there are two, or more, of the same type. For instance, the two Late War arenas will show a limit that changes as the amount of players in these two arenas change.

The arena limits are governed as follows: As an example, if the Orange arena reaches a certain percentage of its maximum capacity, the server will adjust the Blue arena limit to a higher number. When the Blue arena reaches a certain percentage of its limit, then the Orange arena limit is raised. Conversely, the arena limits are also reduced in the same manner.

This gives the possibility of an arena limit being lower than the actual current number of players in that arena.

Highlighting an arena in the list and clicking Ping Details shows additional information about the connection to that arena.

The Early, Mid, and Late War Main Arenas are where you'll find the majority of players.  These arenas differ in the plane sets offered. The Early War Main arena has early World War II planes or planes which best compete in that era. The Mid War Main Arena contains planes specific to the middle of World War II as well as the planes from the Early War Main arena.
The Late War Main Arena has all aircraft enabled from all time periods of World War II.

The Axis versus Allies arena is set up for historical gameplay.  There is a two sided war, a limited plane set, and reduced radar.

The Dueling Arena contains a special terrain with separate areas for all types of game play including furballing, tanking, and canyon fighting.

The Special Events Arena is available to all players and events are scheduled by the Aces High Campaign Managers.  For a schedule of events, please visit

The Training Arena is available for players to practice online without affecting their scores.  In this arena, players are requested to ask permission before engaging other players, and to not interrupt training sessions in progress.

The Open Lobby button opens a lobby area where you enter a chat room to hang around and talk to other players. It is handy when you wish to schedule meeting other players online.

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