WWII History


We just moved to our new office and we just celebrated our 13th birthday.  Big changes at HiTech Creations but change is what we are all about.

We did not become the best combat flight simulator by accident.  We continually change our flight sim game and continually look for improvements.  That’s what our customers expect and that’s what we give them.

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Today we are going to take a look at another state that was quite active in the home efforts during World War 2.  Aces High didn’t become the number one combat flight simulator by accident.  For thirteen years we have led the way in flight sim games and it’s because our staff has a deep respect for all the soldiers and civilians who gave everything to keep this nation safe.  Aces High is our passion just as World War II is our passion.  With that let’s take a look at the State of North Dakota and the war efforts that occurred during World War 2.

The United States Army Air Force established quite a few airfields in North Dakota to train pilots and aircrews for the war effort.  Those airfields included the following:

  • Bismark MAP, a joint use ASAAF/Civil Airport; today is it the Bismark Municipal Airport
  • Fargo MAP, a joint use USAAF/Civil Airport; today it is Hector International Airport
  • Port O’Minot, a joint use US Navy/USAAF/Civil Airport; today it is Minot International Airport
  • Grand Forks Municipal Airport, a joint use USAAF/Civil Airport; today it is the Grand Forks Air Force Base contract pilot school

During the war these air bases were quite active training our pilots so they could be as ready as possible for the challenges they would face in Europe and the Pacific.  Across the nation airfields were built to train our crews and from there those crews were shipped off to faraway lands to fight for freedom.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a pilot?  Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly an aircraft over enemy lands while being shot at?  Well, if you have then welcome to the world of Aces High.  This is a World War 2 Flight Simulator that puts you in the cockpit and turns you loose to do battle against some of the best flight sim gamers in the world.

We can hear you asking, “how do I learn how to do this?”  Very good question and one we have an answer for: you simply go to our training videos and online support groups, ask your questions and learn on the fly like everyone else has.  Before long you will be shooting down enemy planes and learning the terrain in the different arenas that we offer, and all the while you are doing that you will be having the time of your life.

So strap on your helmet and fly the skies of Aces High!

Welcome to this day in history, a new little feature we will be doing weekly to highlight some of the events that happened during World War II.

Today is April 26th and in 1942 on this date the Luftwaffe bombed Bath.

Also on this day in 1944 the first attack of a B-29 by Japanese fighters took place with one reported shot down.

Now, these facts may not seem important to some, but to those of us who make Aces High these are important dates.  Just one more reason why we are the best combat flight simulator on the market.

A very Happy Birthday to us! On April 16th we turned sixteen years old and that is truly remarkable in our opinion.

Why?  Simply because when we started out many years ago our goal was to make one combat flight simulator only and make that one the best flight sim game on the market.

Considering the fact that we have now been doing this for sixteen years and remained at the top of the pack we like to think we have achieved our goal to date.

That does not mean, however, that we are going to rest on our laurels.  Plans are being made, changes are always occurring and we will continue to do all we can to make Aces High the best World War 2 Flight Simulator on the market.  Thank you to all the gamers out there who have helped us along the way.