WWII History

Are you curious about Aces High specifications? Do you have technical questions?  One place you might want to start is under the link “Support.”  On that link you can get both Game Fax and Tech Fax and chances are most of your questions will be answered right there.

If not stop by Wiki where you will find endless forums where all sorts of information is shared and questions are answered.

People often ask us why Aces High is the best combat flight simulator on the market.  It’s not just the game! It is the hundreds of hours our volunteers and staff spend making sure all information is available so that you, the flight sim gamer, can have the best experience possible.

Oh my goodness do we have some exciting things happening as this month comes to an end.  We know, you think we are only going to talk about Aces High but that would be a mistake on your part and on ours, because how can anyone ignore March Madness taking place right now across the United States?

Here we are on the 21st and tomorrow kicks off an exciting weekend of NCAA Mens’ Basketball.  The Regional Semifinals take place March 22-23 and the winners then advance to the Regional Finals March 24-25, so the next four days will determine who the Big Boys are in the yearly ritual called March Madness.  Ultimately we will crown a new King of the Harcourt in the National Finals April 2nd.  Hopefully you are doing better on your tournament bracket than this writer is doing.

When you get your fill of March Madness then you can turn off your television and join us online and take part in some great month-ending Special Events on Aces High, the best darn combat flight simulator on the market.

The 27th we have our last XTreme Air Racing League event.  This is basically a free-for-all racing event with you and dozens of your closest friends from around the world racing through the skies. If you have never taken part in an AHXARL then now is the time to do so.  Flight sim gamers from around the world will be waiting for you.

The 28th we have our last Snapshot of the month.  These are always great scenarios and you can play by yourself or in a squad, devising strategy and coordinating movements as the battle takes place real-time.

The 30th we have a final FSO, another squad activity that will test your skills in reacting to scenarios that are fluid and require on the spot decisions.  Finally, on the 31st, we are holding a SEC Eurocon that promises to test your skills and provide all the excitement you would want.

So basically we are talking about four days of March Madness excitement followed by four days of online thrills and chills.  You can root on your favorite teams in a passive display of support and then you can sit down and do battle against the best World War 2 Flight Sim gamers in the world in an active display of skill and daring.

In other words, strap on your helmet and get ready for some serious fun as March comes to an end.

As we wind down this week we have two more Special Events to discuss coming up this weekend.  Anyone out there interested in testing their flight sim skills against the best of the world might want to sign up for these two events.

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th we have a Saturday King of the Hill, or KOTH.  Think epic battle royal in aircraft and the best in the world play a form of King of the Mountain that we all played as kids.

On Sunday the 18th we have Frame 3 of the SEC, or the Strategic Bombing of Japan, covering between October 1944-August 1945.  Strap on your helmet and fly your B-29 over Japan in this great and realistic combat flight simulator special event.

Another week in March and that means another great schedule of Special Events.  Let’s get started and take a look at what is in store for you gaming newcomers and veterans.

Today, March 20th, we have another installment of AHXARL, or Aces High XTreme Air Racing League.  If it is adrenaline-pumping excitement you are looking for then give this free-for-all race a try.

On the 21st we have another Snapshot available for all you flight sim gamers.  Once you have tried one of our Snapshots you will come back for more….guaranteed!  Strap on your helmets and try the number one combat flight simulator on the market.

This writer was recently curious the other day about the competition out there in the combat flight simulator market.  I mean, besides Aces High, which we know is the best, what else is out there for flight sim gamers to play?

Well, the busiest of the competition seems to be the Total Simulation Series.  Busy because they offer a variety of games that include:

  • WarBirds
  • Battleground Europe
  • M4 Tank Brigade
  • Red Baron 2012
  • Dogfight 2012

That, my friends is a whole bunch of games produced by one company.  If you download them and play for a while some observations come to mind.  One has excellent graphics; another has very good reaction time with the controls.  A couple have very good skins of their aircraft while one other has a great looking 3D cockpit and responsive weapons.

The entire series has some online help that in a limited way helps to explain the details of the game and aid you, the player, in playing better and improving against the competition.

What none of them had, however, and we are talking about all the games in the Total Sim Series, was the complete package.  Each had its strengths and each had its weaknesses, but none of the games in the series delivered a full package.  That point right there is what makes Aces High stand out among them all.

You see, when the braintrust at HiTech Creations made Aces High they vowed to only make one game and one game only and make that game the best World War 2 Flight Simulator on the market. By combining their collective talent into the making and revising of only one game they were able to achieve what Total Simulation Series never has achieved, namely a complete game with everything a serious gamer could hope for.

If you still have doubts then do this: download the free two-week trial of Aces High and find out for yourself.  You will not be asked for a credit card when you do so; we want you to experience hassle-free the joys of Aces High and then we are willing to bet that you will want to continue to Fly the Skies of Aces High.

Of course, you can always play WarBirds or Battleground Europe but seriously, why play the second or third best combat flight sim when Number One is available for free for two weeks? Sign up now and find out for yourself.