WWII History

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The Invasion of Yugoslavia occurred between April 6-April 17, 1941 and it is one of those battles that still has repercussions today on the Yugoslavian political scene.

Earlier in 1941 Hitler has persuaded Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to join the Axis; after discussions with the Yugoslavian leader it was believed that Yugoslavia would follow suit and join the Axis Powers but an uprising by the anti-Axis Serbian public and military led to a coup d’etat. Upon hearing of this uprising Hitler became incensed and vowed to destroy Yugoslavia for its transgressions.

The Invasion began on April 6th and it was over fairly quickly. The Yugoslavian resisters insisted on trying to defend the entire Yugoslavian border and simply did not have the resources or manpower to do so. With continual attacks by the German Luftwaffe and coordinated movements by the German, Italian and Hungarian ground troops, the resistance ended quickly and order was restored in Hitler’s world.

German casualties were remarkably light as only 151 soldiers were killed. On the other side of the battlefield thousands of civilians and soldiers were killed for Yugoslavia and more than a quarter-million were captured and imprisoned. Yugoslavia itself was divided between Germany, Italy and Hungary and a separate Croatia was formed. Sadly this area is still in the news today as these political divisions and deep-rooted hatred seem to cause uprisings and reprisals many decades after the war.

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The Battle of the Bismark Sea may be a misnomer simply because it wasn’t much of a battle. The word battle signifies that there is a two-sided confrontation and in the case of the Bismark Sea encounter it was hardly two-sided.

To set the stage, in December of 1942 the Japanese brain trust decided to reinforce their New Guinea station in Lae by moving some 6,900 troops by ship convoy from Rabaul to Lae. The Japanese leaders knew this was risky because Allied air power in the area was strong and the ship convoy would essentially be defenseless if the movement were detected.

And detected it soon was; using naval codebreakers and decrypting messages, the Allies were fully aware of the planned convoy and the U.S. Fifth Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force were more than up to the task.

A sustained attack against the convoy occurred on March 2-3, 1943 with follow-up attacks by PT boats and other aircraft on March 4th. When the attack was finished all eight transports and four supporting destroyers were sunk. Of the 6,900 troops only 1,200 made it to Lae, some were rescued by Japanese submarines and the rest died in the South West Pacific waters.

As with all military engagements this was not an isolated incident; because Lae could not be reinforced, the Japanese hold on New Guinea was weakened and New Guinea eventually fell back to the Allies under increased efforts by MacArthur and Nimitz, and because of that the Pacific Theater was eventually controlled by the Allies.

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