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Free Two Week Trial Download Available

During our current economic times it may seem like nothing in life is free, but HiTech Creations is offering exactly that, a free software download and free two week online trial of its very popular Aces High flight simulator online game. Simply by going to their website at http://www.hitechcreations.com  you can find out what thousands of gamers already know, that Aces High sets the standard for exciting, challenging online flight simulation.

As an added incentive, no financial information or credit card is needed for this free trial download.  Simply check the system requirements for your computer, click on the download link, and you will soon be sitting in your 3D cockpit flying the skies above Europe, the Pacific, or other WWI or WWII locales. Choose from over a hundred aircraft, ground vehicles, or boats and prepare for battle. Play by yourself or join a squadron and compete against hundreds of other gamers.  Coordinate your airstrikes with ground and sea support as you orchestrate your battle plans. Aces High allows you to do that and so much more in this realistic flight simulation.

Once you have become comfortable with the game there are many more downloads that are available. Customized skins for the planes that you choose are a click away as well as a wide variety of terrains. Watch player-created movies for tips on better gaming, or become active in special events that are constantly being held like Scenario Events, Extreme Air Racing, King of the Hill, or Friday Squad Operations.  The many flight simulator downloads are offered to give you the ultimate experience in flight simulation.

The philosophy of HiTech Creations is very simple, to concentrate on one game and make that game the best flight simulator game on the market. With this focused attention to quality and a support staff of experienced professionals, HiTech can offer a flight simulation game that will challenge the most seasoned online competitors.

The Battle of Midway awaits you, or maybe you prefer a dogfight over Europe as your P-51D Mustang does battle with a German Me 163 while tracers light up the sky over Germany.  Can your high speed jet fighter compensate for the maneuverability of your opponent’s aircraft? Can you use the terrain to your advantage? Can you prepare for the next move of your opponents while constantly being aware of the anti-aircraft guns below? Download the free two week simulator trial of Aces High and step back into history for the ride of a lifetime.

For many, playing flying simulator games online offers them the chance to take control of a fighter plane when they might not otherwise have had that opportunity. But the ability to take part in combat while in the skies is even more tantalizing, and Aces High -- a WW1 and WW2-based game -- offers players the chance to take to the skies and battle against their friends. Aces High is one of the most popular online flight sim games for many reasons, but here are just a few of them:

The chance to take on your friends online. One of the key features of Aces High, the online multiplayer option of this flight simulator allows you to connect to the Internet and take part in games with your friends. You can tweak your vehicle to your ideal specifications then jump into engaging and intense gameplay in a bid to beat your friends and soar up the online leaderboard. All of your scores will be recorded, and you'll be able to prove to your friends who emerged on top in your battles.

More than 100 aircraft & vehicles at your disposal. Unlike many other online war games, Aces High features a huge range of planes, tanks and boats which you can choose from to wage war against your rivals. From an American Jeep and an Elco 80' PT boat to the famous British Sptitfire MK I fighter and the Japanese A6M5b "Zero" naval fighter, there's a wealth of options to choose from in Aces High, just another reason why it reigns supreme among flying simulator games online.

Realistic gameplay. While other online flight sim games might make life easy for you with unrealistic and over-simplified controls, Aces High puts the power in your hands. It's up to you to learn how to fly each plane and control each vehicle properly, but learning to do so will ensure a much higher level of satisfaction when you shoot down enemy after enemy. This flight sim even offers you the chance to join or start your own squadron.

Practice for free offline. Though online flight sim games players will invariably jump online straight away only to be completely overwhelmed by their opponents, Aces High understands that you might need some time to get used to the controls and, as such, you can hone your skills in the offline training missions for free.


Though there are many 3D flight simulator games on the market, few offer the same level of realism, immersion and plain fun as Aces High, a WW1 and WW2-based flight sim that allows players to take control of one of more than 100 planes, tanks and boats and wage all-out war against their friends and strangers in a huge online battlefield. There are several reasons why Aces High is highly regarded by players and critics as one of the best 3D games available, but here are just a few:

Chance to take part in some of history's greatest battles. The 3D flight simulator Aces High offers you more than the chance to simply hop in a plane and fly around aimlessly. Here, you have the option of taking part in some historical scenarios where famous WW1 and WW2 battles are recreated. You can also challenge your friends to take part in an air racing game, where you fly at tree top level towards the finishing line.

Mass online play. Where some WW2 flight sim games may offer you the ability to face off against a few people online, in Aces High there are hundreds of potential enemies ready to be taken down and hundreds of ways in which to do so. In this 3D flight simulator, you might choose to take the controls of a classic British Spitfire MK I fighter jet to take part in a dogfight. You might opt to take charge of a torpedo run in a PT boat. You might take up the gunner position in an American-built Sherman VC tank. The choices are near endless. The choice is yours.

A chance to review mistakes and improve on them. While no-one, least of all a player of online games, wants to relive the mistakes that caused their rivals to pick up a victory, in Aces High you can rewatch your battles and figure out where you might be able to improve. The Aces High Film Viewer allows you to learn from films you can record in game.

Fully-realized 3D cockpits. In Aces High, one of the foremost 3D flight simulator games, you are not treated with kid gloves. The learning curve might be challenging, but learning the functions of each plane properly inside realistic 3D cockpits will help you to conquer the skies and your enemies so you can soar up the online leaderboards and prove to the world that you are a top pilot.

 Aces High Soars to New Altitudes with Online Flight Simulator Game

Imagine piloting your F4F Wildcat during the Battle of Midway when you encounter a Japanese A6M Zero. You employ the Thach Weave to compensate for your lack of maneuverability and for one battle at least, you rule the skies above the Pacific Ocean.  This is what true flight simulation is all about.

Welcome to Aces High, the online flight simulator game developed by HiTech Creations that allows you to choose from dozens of WWI and WWII aircraft and navigate through simulated flight games by yourself or against hundreds of online competitors. Design a custom skin for your simulated aircraft, choose the terrain over which you will fly, customize your commands, and prepare for battle in this exciting and challenging online game.

Fire up your British Spitfire, soar over the landscape of Europe, but don’t be surprised if a German Bf-109 is waiting for you in that bank of clouds on your horizon.  88 millimeter shells from anti-aircraft artillery below pepper the skies around you as you bank hard right, pull back on your stick, and imagine the terrific G’s attacking your body during your evasive maneuver. Just when it looks like you are home free a German ME-262 approaches your rear at 500 mph and the battle renews.

HiTech Creations has developed an online flight simulator game that will test the skills of the most experienced gamer.  Aces High offers accurate modeling of over one hundred aircraft, ground vehicles, and sea craft from around the world. In addition the unique arenas that you can choose from require changing styles of play and constant updates and additions keep you guessing and adjusting throughout the game.  You can go it alone, start a squadron to add to your adventure, and take part in regularly scheduled events like Extreme Air Racing, King of the Hill, and Friday squad Operations. No matter what your skill level may be, no matter what your imagination and desires may call for, this flight simulator game has it all.

If WWII online games are your thing then Aces High will meet your needs. Go to http://www.hitechcreations.com/, download Aces High, and be prepared for the dogfight of your life. Sit back in your true 3D cockpit and experience authentic WWII battles with this edge-of-your-seat flight simulator game. Once you have had a taste of the action you will keep coming back for more.

What does a 75-year-old lady and a boy scout have in common?  Online World War II games.  That's right.  They can pilot authentic planes in a World War II flight simulator game.  Hating having to ration food during the war, the old lady loves flying high as she pilots a Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat and the boy scout is a future fighter pilot who craves real flight experience.