WWII History

We have been fielding questions lately about one of our special events, namely Snapshots. If you take a look at our special events calendar you will see that there are two Snapshots remaining this month, on the 21st and 28th, both dealing with Pearl Harbor.

Snapshots are run once a week, they are open to anyone, and require no pre-planning. Snapshots have been described as one-shot Scenarios with planning done on the spot in the heat of the action. These truly are a true test of your flying skills so we strongly encourage anyone who wants a real test on Aces High to sign up for next Wednesday’s Snapshot and do battle against other flight sim gamers.

Today HiTech Creations wants to turn its attention to the Battle of Tarawa, fought between November 20-23 1943. Chances are excellent that unless you are the most hardcore of World War 2 enthusiasts you have never heard of the Battle of Tarawa, but trust us when we say the 35,000 American troops that fought there will never forget it.

This is one of those battles fought in an area that had no other importance than its location, similar to so many battles fought in the American Civil War, small hamlets or crossroads that had military significance, but to the casual observer should never have been important enough to fight over. By 1943 the United States had its sights set on a massive operation across the mid-Pacific, to the Philippines and then to Japan. In order to accomplish such an operation air bases needed to be established on islands across the Pacific. The Marianas Islands were crucial for this plan to succeed, for control of the Marianas meant an offensive against the Marshall Islands would succeed. Unfortunately, one small island, the island of Betio, on the western side of Tarawa Atoll, stood in the way of this grand plan.   The entire plan, then, hinged on the taking of Betio in the Tarawa Atoll.

The Japanese were fully aware of the importance of Tarawa and it was heavily defended by 2,619 troops when the United States 2nd Marine Division launched its attack. After three days of intense fighting the island was under American control but the fighting had cost 1,696 American lives and 4,690 Japanese lives. The figurative road to the Marshall Islands was now open and the next stage of the offensive could be planned.

We hope you are enjoying these brief glimpses of the battles of World War II. We at HiTech Creations consider an understanding and appreciation of World War II helpful for anyone serious about playing Aces High, our number one combat flight simulator. Specifically when playing one of our many Special Events an understanding of the actual events is helpful in devising plans for your flight sim action. We are also convinced that one of the important reasons why Aces High is the number one Flight Simulator World War 2 version is because our staff and volunteers are avid history buffs; that appreciation shows in our attention to detail in devising each new version of our flight simulator.

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Recently the daughter of Josef Stalin died. Lana Peters was 85 at the time of her death; she was a famous author and known worldwide as the daughter of the Soviet dictator. At HiTech Creations things like this just bring back a flood of memories about Josef Stalin himself during World War II.

In fact, a few weeks ago was the 68th Anniversary of the Tehran Conference when President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin met to plan the next stages of World War 2. To historians and history buffs like us this is the kind of information that fuels our engine as we try to continue to improve Aces High; we aren’t satisfied with being the best combat flight simulator on the market; what we want is to continue to be the best flight sim for years to come.

Why is Aces High the number one combat flight simulator on the market? For one reason it is technologically superior to other flight sims, but we at HiTech Creations also think it is because of all the special events we offer that give you an opportunity to test your skills against the best in the world.

This week is no exception! On the 13th we have XTreme Air Racing; on the 16th an FSO is offered; the 17th there is a Scenario you won’t want to miss and on the 18th is an SEC Frame 3. For a complete schedule of upcoming special events go to http://www.ahevents.org/events-calendar.html.

It is only fitting that today we write an article about the Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. In essence this was the attack that catapulted America into World War II, and since Aces High is a combat flight simulator based on World War 2 what better day to offer this article to our loyal flight sim gamers?

Pearl Harbor was as close to being a surprise military strike as ever happened in military history. Although there were indications that an attack was about to happen, those indications only became apparent in hindsight. In fact, the attack happened while negotiations between the United States and the Empire of Japan were ongoing.

The U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was attacked in an attempt to prevent America from interfering with military actions against Japan during the early stages of World War II. 353 Japanese fighters, bombers and torpedo planes came in two waves during the attack and severely crippled the American naval base. Four battleships were sunk, three damaged; two destroyers were sunk, three cruisers damaged, one-hundred and eighty-eight aircraft were destroyed and 2,402 personnel were killed. It was, to say the least, a nearly-resounding victory for the Empire of Japan.

However, a third wave of attack never happened and thus the power station, shipyard, maintenance center, fuel and torpedo storage facilities and submarine piers were undamaged, leaving the United States wounded but certainly not dead, a fact that would come back to haunt Japan in the ensuing years of the war. In addition, the attack eliminated all opposition to the United States entering the war and the next day, December 8, 1941, the United States declared war on Japan followed closely by December 11, 1941 when Germany and Italy declared war on America. In four short days the United States had gone from isolationist leanings to being in the war totally in the Pacific and European theaters.

And because of all that HiTech Creations, sixty years later, created Aces High, the number one Flight Simulator World War 2 version, and we have been tinkering with it and perfecting it ever since.

Our love of all things World War 2 by now is legendary among gamers and the gaming industry. We believe it is our love of this war and our dedication to it that makes Aces High the top dog of all combat simulators. Try our free two-week download and find out why Aces High is the leader year after year. Strap on your helmets and fly the Aces High skies with us.