WWII History

Aces High Special Events update for this week: today, December 6th, we have a Aces High Xtreme Air Racing League happening. Then tomorrow, December 7th, we will of course have a special event in memory of Pearl Harbor called “This Day In World War II: Pearl Harbor.

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Tour 141 has ended and we can now name the Top Pilots of that tour. For Top Overall Ranking the winners were:

  • Late War………….Esset is top pilot with Mitsu runner-up
  • Mid War………….Okiee is top pilot with Seadog36 runner-up
  • Early War………..Porky Pig is top pilot with fugawi runner up.

The staff and volunteers at HiTech Creations give out a hearty congratulations to those skilled gamers. Tour 142 has begun so sign up now and see how skilled you are when you fly the Aces High skies.

Today we are going to take a look at the Siege of Tobruk which occurred from April 10th to November 27th, 1941. This siege, of course, was part of the Western Desert Campaign of World War II and was a decisive Allied victory in Libya, defeating soundly the famous Erwin Rommel.

Tobruk was a crucial major port and as such was important as a supply line for both sides of the engagement. Rommel attacked Tobruk on April 10th while it was defended by a reinforced Austrailian 9th Division. The Australians had been instructed to hold onto Tobruk for eight weeks but when all was said and done they valiantly held that port city for five months, finally being replaced by the British 70th Infantry Division, who were in turn finally relieved by the 8th Army as part of Operation Crusader. They were constantly reinforced with gunfire support, supplies and fresh troops by the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy

Finally in November Rommel had to withdraw and accept defeat; when the siege had ended 3,000 Allies had died and 8,000 Germans had perished. This, interestingly, was the first instance where the German Panzers were brought to a standstill.

We hope you are enjoying our brief glimpses of history as we at HiTech Creations try to bring to life World War 2 for you. We believe that one of the reasons why Aces High is the number one combat flight simulator is because it was created by history buffs. Our staff and dedicated volunteers love to study World War II and we are constantly trying to create the perfect representation with our World War 2 Flight Simulator. Of course technology is important; of course the latest in bells and whistles adds to the playing enjoyment. We believe, however, that it is our dedication to make Aces High the best flight sim on the market that leads us to our lofty position as number one among flight simulators. We have always been committed to making just one game and making that the best game on the market.

Stay tuned for next week when we will continue our World War 2 battles summary and as always our respect and admiration go out to any surviving members of World War II. In part our efforts are an attempt to honor you for your courage and dedication.

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