WWII History

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The Battle For The Hague, as part of the Battle of the Netherlands, was fought on May 10, 1940 between the Royal Netherlands Army, the Dutch Airforce, and the 22nd Luftlande-Division and Luftwaffe of the German forces. An interesting battle, generally overlooked but with wide-ranging effects later on in the war, the Battle For The Hague is our focus today as we continue to take a look at the battles of World War II.

The Germans planned on a surprise attack, bombing the airfields, controlling main sites, and hopefully forcing the Queen to announce surrender. It didn’t go quite according to schedule as plans in battle have a way of changing rapidly.

In the early morning of May 10th the bombing did, indeed, commence, and immediately after that bombing paratroopers were dropped from transport planes. However, there was intense resistance and the Germans lost a considerable number of men and transport planes during this assault.   The German forces failed to take the Queen but did control the city after reinforcements from the German Army relieved the original attacking paratroopers.

The loss of manpower was about equal for both sides, losing about 500 men each, but the Germans sustained huge losses in transport aircraft with 125 lost and another 47 damaged. It was this loss of transports that seriously delayed any plans Germany had for invading Great Britain in later months, and further attacks using transports were also delayed or cancelled. This was, in fact, a crippling blow to Germany in a battle that seemed to be a sure-thing on the planning board.

Wars throughout history are littered with seemingly insignificant battles that turned out to have much greater significance. In the American Civil War, for each victory achieved by the South, the subsequent loss of men and supplies eventually weakened them to the point of subsequent loss of the entire war. This is fascinating stuff for history students and at HiTech Creations we are the ultimate in history nerds when it comes to World War II. Perhaps that is a large reason why our combat flight simulator, Aces High, is so detailed and realistic. Our staff and volunteers have gone the extra mile in designing the most realistic World War 2 Flight Simulator on the market. Once you fly the skies

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We at HiTech Creations love all things having to do with World War II. We are students of that war, interested in the strategies, the action, the victories and the defeats, and we have tried to pattern Aces High after that war in order to make it the most realistic flight sim on the market. With that in mind we bring you another battle from that war.

Operation Market Garden was part of the Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine River. Crossing the Rhine was considered extremely important to the Allied Forces because if they were able to do so they could outflank the Siegried Line and completely circle Germany’s industrial center, the Ruhr.

From September 17-25 the Allies tried to do exactly that in one of the largest airborne operations up to that point in the war. 41,628 airborne troops, 1 armoured division, 2 infantry divisions and 1 armoured brigade took part in the operation for the Allies against an undetermined force for Germany.

After initial successes between Eindhoven and Nijmergen the expedition ground to a halt when they could not cross the Wilhelmina Canal and their supply line became too thin. Ensuing setbacks forced the Allies to evacuate one entire division which had become trapped and shortly thereafter the operation was cancelled, ending the Allied dream of ending the war by Christmas 1944.

It was a costly operation for the Allies as they lost approximately 16,000 men, 88 tanks and 144 transport aircraft. The Germans lost between 6,000-13,000 men, 30 tanks and SP guns and 159 aircraft. The war would grind on for quite a few months after this strategic failure.

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