WWII History

Here is another installment in our series about states in the nation and the war effort they undertook.  Aces High is an online flight simulator game that has been wildly successful since 2000.  One of the reasons for our popularity is the fact that our creators and volunteers are so knowledgeable about World War 2.

Today we take a look at the great state of Florida and the airfields that they constructed at the outset of World War Two.  With these airfields pilots and crews could be trained properly before being sent to Europe and the Pacific Theater for combat.  We hope you continue to enjoy this series.

  • Alachua AAF; now Gainesville Regional Airport
  • Cross City AAF; now Cross City Airport
  • Dunnellon AAF; now Dunnellon/Marion County Airport
  • Keystone AAF; now Keystone Heights Airport
  • Leesburg AAF; now Leesburg International Airport
  • Montbrook AAF; now Williston Municipal Airport
  • Zephyrhills AAF; now Zephyrhills Municipal Airport
  • Kissimmee AAF; now Kissimmee Gateway Airport
  • Orlando AAB; now 26th Army Air Force Base Unit
  • Bushnell AAF; now undeveloped grassland
  • Pinecastle AAF; now Orlando International Airport
  • Buckingham AAF; now Buckingham Field Airport
  • Naples AAF; now Naples Municipal Airport
  • Hendricks Field; now Sebring Regional Airport
  • Conners AAF; now Okeechobee Country Airport
  • Immokalee AAF; now Immokalee Airport
  • Tyndall Field; now Tyndall Air force Base
  • Apalachicola AAF; now Apalachicola Municipal Airport
  • Chapman Field; now Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute
  • Boca Raton AAF; now Boca Raton Airport

That is a partial list of the airfields hastily constructed during 1941 and 1942.  The rest of the list will follow next week.

Make no mistake about it, the war effort in the United States was massive and all-encompassing.  After Pearl Harbor massive amounts of Federal money was poured into the war effort; seemingly everywhere you looked there were airfields being built, Quonset huts being erected and the sights and sounds of military activity could be seen and heard in every state.  The United States may have been caught with their pants down in December of 1941, but once awakened this industrial giant was a force to be reckoned with.

We hope you are enjoying this series.  We at Aces High love this history and it is our intent to make our combat flight simulator the most realistic flight sim game on the market.

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Let us continue our look at the state of Alaska and the airfields that were built there during World War 2.  As any flight sim player would know, these airfields were extremely important in training ground crews and flight crews before they headed off to Europe to partake in World War II.  Without these training facilities our boys would have never been properly prepared for what lay ahead of them.

Alaska also provided a very nice replica of the geography pilots would encounter fighting in the Alps and their vicinity.  Thus, Alaska was an important state for preparations.

Without further delay here are some more combat flight airfields that were in Alaska:

  • Elmendorf Field; now Elmendorf Air Force Base
  • Fort Glenn Army Airfield; now abandoned
  • Fort Morrow Army Airfield; now Port Heiden Airport
  • Fort Randall Army Airfield; now Thornbrough Air Force Base
  • Shemya Army Airfield; now Shemya Air Force Base
  • Annette Island Army Airfield; now Annette Island airport
  • Todd Army airfield; now Bethel Civil Airport
  • Big Delta Army Airfield; now Fort Greely
  • Cordova Airport; now Cordova Municipal Airport
  • Gakona Landing Strip; now abandoned
  • Galena Airport; now refueling airfield
  • Gambell Army Airfield; now Gambell Airport
  • Juneau Airport; now civil airport.
  • Kishka Army Airfield; now abandoned
  • Ladd Army Airfield; now part of Alaskan Air Command.

Besides all of these there were numerous minor airstrips that were built for emergency landings.  Many of these are still used today by bush pilots and small communities like Akiachak and Akiak.

Alaska has quite a few airstrips that have been abandoned which is unusual compared to other states.  Two reasons for this abandonment:  first, the population of Alaska is not sufficient enough to support too many airstrips and secondly, Alaska is better suited for mountainous and cold-weather training and most of the training needed today is desert training.

Nevertheless, the war effort in Alaska was mammoth in scope; it just so happened it was fortuitous because the Japanese actually attacked and held several islands in Alaska during the war so the airfields, besides being training grounds, were actually needed in defense of Alaska.  Besides Hawaii, Alaska is the only U.S. state to actually see warfare during the way.

We at Aces High love this stuff and we hope you do too.  In order to make the best combat flight simulator on the market we believe we need to be students of this war; that’s why our World War 2 Flight Simulator is the best you can find.