WWII History

“A major ground offensive had begun the day before along the Western Front from the northwest edge of the Hurtgen Forest up through Eschweiler, Germany. The weather was terrible with low hanging clouds and light rain, but sixteen planes of the squadron took off with each plane loaded with two 500 pound bombs and a 150 gallon belly tank.

Reaching the target area, the planes had to come in under the overcast at 4,500 feet. Everything was dark and foreboding as flashes of big guns on the ground and the flak exploded in the air. Light from the exploding shells were reflecting off of the clouds as the dive bombing commenced.

One member of the squadron dived to strafe a German vehicle but couldn’t pull up quickly enough and crashed into the countryside. Finally, when the run was completed, all remaining planes turned for home on a wing and a prayer.”

Personal accounts like the one above from actual combat veterans are very revealing. The bravery and instincts of the men who flew combat missions are the stuff of legends and few of us who have never experienced that kind of action can even begin to comprehend what it must have been like. The closest we may ever come is when we step into our own 3-D cockpit and fly the skies in an online flight simulation game.

Superior graphics and ever-changing features on flight simulation games give gamers some semblance of what it must have been like to fly the skies over Europe or the Pacific during World War 2. Always expecting the unexpected, constantly keeping vigil of all directions while flying your bomber or jet fighter over enemy skies, the WWII pilot needed to juggle several balls at once always aware that if one ball is dropped it could mean the end. With online flight simulation games like Aces High a player can go it alone or fly in a squadron and know that hundreds of other players are waiting out there to engage in combat. Many choices of arenas await, hundreds of planes, ground vehicles and boats can be chosen for support, and online assistance is available to help you navigate your way through the game. You can even customize your plane for a personal touch and enter special scenarios and events to test your skill against the best simulation pilots out there. It really is like flying over France in 1942 or flying a bombing run over the Pacific against the best pilots the Japanese have to offer.

So you have a hankerin’ to try a flight simulator game. You have heard all the buzz about them, your friends are telling you that you just have to try one, and now you don’t know which free download to try. Well, there are some criteria you might consider before you start the download process.

You should probably start with the basic question: does your computer have the capabilities to handle the free download? When you go online you are going to see download requirements that look something like the one below:

Game Requirements



Operating System




1.8GHz Pentium 4

2Ghz Intel Core 2, or faster

System RAM/Memory



Video Card

DirectX 9 compatible
with 64MB of RAM2

DirectX 9 compatible
with 256MB of RAM

Input Devices

Keyboard and Mouse3

Keyboard, Mouse, and

Internet Connection

Modem dial-up

Broadband land based4


1) Depending on the configuration of the Vista/Windows 7 operating system it could be desirable to have a minimum of 1.5GB of RAM, and a recommended of 2GB of RAM in your computer.
2) Generally speaking, many onboard video chips may not meet the hardware standards to operate the game. It is normally better to go with an AGP/PCI-E based video card as opposed to a built-in video chip.
3) The game is generally easier and more fun to play when a joystick is available.
4) Satellite connections to the game have latencies which make it difficult to do anything real time.

Once you have passed that test you might next ask how long the free trial is and what is needed in order to experience the free flight simulator download. For example, Aces High has a two-week free flight sim download and no credit card is required.

Next, if you are a novice player, you will be seeking help. Will the gaming website give you some much-needed assistance while playing. Again, if they are a quality gaming site, the answer is a resounding yes. Aces High offers training by a team of dedicated volunteers who are there at your calling to help with training.

And if you decide to go this route and eventually pay for the service, what do they have to offer? In other words, does the game offer options, changes, and variables so that the game is constantly giving new challenges? Again, using our example of Aces High, the variables are seemingly endless. Different arenas, hundreds of planes, vehicles, and boats to choose from, and new offerings make Aces High a wonderful choice.

So check out their website at www.hitechcreations.com and try their free two week downloadable flight simulator game and experience thrills and excitement you never thought possible online.

Serious gamers look for several things when trying out a new online game. Regardless of the type of game, several criteria need to be met in order to satisfy someone really into, oh say, a combat game or a WW2 game. Graphics have to be first rate. No getting around the demand for outstanding graphics; in a similar vein, gamers want authenticity to ooze from every screen.

The makers of Aces High understand these basic facts. That’s why they are constantly working to improve graphics and also to make sure that the planes, boats, and vehicles in their games are authentic in every detail. One example of this insistence on authenticity is the tank section in the Aces High game. Armored vehicles played a huge part in World War II and three of the most effective tanks were the German Mk.IV Panzer, the American M4 Sherman, and the Russian T-34/76.

The Panzer was originally developed in 1937 and early on in the war it was the dominant tank. Armed with a 75 mm gun and hull and turret-mounted machine guns, this war machine was capable of travelling 18 mph over most terrain. One of the interesting facts is that it was so dominant early on because it had radios installed in it, making coordinated movement with troops and planes possible. It was later replaced by the Mk.V Panther, a much faster tank with more armor that debuted in 1943 at the Battle of Kursk.

The M4 Sherman was easily the most produced tank in WWII. It wasn’t the fastest, it wasn’t the most powerful, but it was produced in such numbers as to overwhelm the enemy on all fronts. It sported 50 mm side armor, adequate outside of 100 yards but not thick enough for in-fighting. It also had a 75 mm gun and hull and turret-mounted machine guns.

Finally there was the T-34/76 introduced in 1939, so named for its 76 mm gun. The frontal armor was 45 mm thick and sloped at 60 degrees and it boasted of being indestructible, a claim that was later proven incorrect. 40,000 of these killing machines were produced and it was later replaced by the T-34/85, a much more reliable and well-protected tank.

All three of these tanks can be found on Aces High, the WWII simulation war game created by HiTech Creations. The graphics are superb, the authenticity is right on, and serious gamers are giving a thumbs up for this great online game. Download the game, hop in your M4 Sherman, and take on the best the Germans have to offer over the European landscape.

There were so many lives affected by World War II. The United States by war’s end had engaged over 16 million military personnel during the war with 670,000 of them wounded during conflict. Most of us have grandparents who were alive during the war and many of them served in the military at that time. We have grown up hearing stories of the war, sharing experiences secondhand, marveling at the courage and sacrifice shown by the soldiers during years of unspeakable tragedy.

The battles have become the stuff of legend, taught in every American History class, re-told at family gatherings, glorified in movies. At times it seems that those of us removed by decades from the actual conflict were actually there and saw firsthand those events in history. The Battle of Normandy, part of the larger D-Day Invasion, which exemplified the raw courage and instincts for survival of soldiers. The Battle of the Bulge over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in 1944-1945 as the fate of western Europe lay in the balance. The Battle of Midway in June, 1942, when the U.S. Navy, led by the U.S.S. Enterprise, crippled the Japanese navy. And the Battle of Iwo Jima in February, 1945, and the famous raising of the American flag atop Mt. Suribushi.

The fascination for this war remains seemingly as strong today as it was decades ago, thus at least partially explaining the emergence and success of online WW2 war games. With state-of-the-art graphics now available one can sit comfortably in an easy chair, plug into the 3-D cockpit in a plane of your choice, and fly over terrain of your choosing battling other gamers around the world. The experience is so close to reality that you would swear you were fighting for the Allies as they stormed the beaches of France.

Since 2000 Aces High has been the standard of WW2 online games, the level of excellence that other online games measure themselves by, and the game is as exciting today as it was in 2000 because it is constantly being updated with new versions and additions. This is as close to actual combat as you will ever want to be. Choose your aircraft, choose your ground assault vehicles and supporting ships, maneuver against other players while going it alone or in a squadron of your choosing.

Visit the Aces High website and experience the thrill of combat from the comfort and safety of your home. Once you have you’ll have your own combat stories to tell at family gatherings.

As 1941 came to a close the Japanese military braintrust was determined to isolate China from the rest of the world. To do so it was acknowledged that the main supply route for China, the Burma Road, had to be shut down. As that drama unfolded the main opposition to the Japanese aggression was an RAF squadron and one squadron of the AVG (American Volunteer Group), headquartered near Burma’s capitol, Rangoon.

On December 23, 1941, Japan began a series of bombing runs against Rangoon. For the next two days the skies over Rangoon were filled with aerial battles between the highly maneuverable Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero, Japan’s excellent long-range carrier fighter boasting a 12:1 kill ratio, and a much smaller number of P-40E’s, P-40B’s, and Brewster Buffaloes, the F2A’s known as the “flying coffins.” For all intent and purposes this should have been an extremely one-sided engagement, but the RAF and AVG distinguished themselves well during those three days and the Burma Road and Rangoon remained open and free after the onslaught.

With the advent of 1942 Rangoon continued to be bombed almost daily and the depleted RAF and AVG forces were scrambling to find a way to prevent the unpreventable.

Welcome to the new Aces High scenario “Road To Rangoon” coming this Spring. Registration begins March 27, 2011 and in order to register you need to go to http://www.ahevents.org . A complete schedule of frames is available at that site as well as sign-up information and instructions. Just follow the link in the upper right corner to the registration page.

Axis aircraft for this scenario will include the famous Zero’s, the A6M2 and A6M5, as well as the Bf-110C4 and the G4M-1. Flying for the RAF and AVG will be the P-40B Tomahawk, the P-40E Warhawk, the Hawker Hurricane Mk-1, and the F2A Brewster Buffalo.

Scenarios are just one of many special events offered on Aces High, the leader in WWII online games. HiTech Creations is continually upgrading this game to offer the participants an ever-changing format and constant new challenges. Get your buddies to sign up and fly in your own designated unit as you fly the skies over Rangoon and do battle with other dogfight experts. The action will be hot and heavy as you constantly scan the skies for enemy aircraft.

The outcome of the Burma Road is in your hands. Capture or defend Rangoon, it all depends on your flying prowess in this exciting new scenario brought to you by the creators of Aces High.