WWII History

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Today let’s take a look at one of the fiercest but little-known battles that took place during World War II. The Battle of Ortona was fought between the 1st Canadian Infantry Division and 1st Canadian Armoured Brigade vs. the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Regiment, and German 1st parachute Division in the town of Ortona, Italy.

Fought between December 20-28, 1943, the battle was later called “The Little Stalingrad” because of its fierce close-quarter combat fought in a very small town of 10,000 inhabitants. The Allies wanted Ortona because of its deep-water port needed for docking Allied ships and shortening the Allied supply lines. The Germans of course all too well understood the importance of this small port town and were ordered by Adolph Hitler to defend the town and “fight for every last house and tree”. Having reached the town first the Germans had built formidable defenses, barricades, mines and traps. The main killing zone was around the Piazza Municipale where most of the heaviest fighting took place.

Finally, after eight days of intense fighting, the Canadians forced the Germans, who were badly outnumbered and without reinforcements, to retreat. The Canadians lost 1,375 men while German losses were never recorded. 1,300 civilians also lost their lives during this battle. This Canadian victory paid huge dividends later in the war as the Allies had one more deep-water port from which to supply future offensives while the Germans continued to lose that which they could not afford to lose. The tone and tenure of the war in Europe had, indeed, switched noticeably in the favor of the Allies.

The average student of history knows very little about so many of these battles fought during World War 2; a battle like Ortona barely registers in the history books, but to the men who fought there it was incredibly real and of the utmost importance. This writer is only aware of this battle because of stories passed down to me by my father, a veteran of World War II.

The makers of Aces High are students of World War II and that, perhaps, is the main reason why such care was taken in the production of this world-leading combat flight simulator. There are many other World War 2 Flight Simulators on the market but only one game is known for its realism and attention to detail and that game is Aces High. To the brave soldiers of World War 2, we at HiTech Creations salute you.

In our continued effort here at HiTech Creations to honor the brave military who fought in World War II, we will again take a look at one of the battles fought during that war. Today we will take a quick peek at a battle few have heard of, namely the Battle of Lone Tree Hill.

Otherwise known as the Battle of Wakde-Sarmi, this battle was fought between the United States and the Empire of Japan in the Western New Guinea Campaign. Japan, having earlier lost Hollandia, was frantically digging in and holding onto the Toem-Wakde-Sarmi area of New Guinea in an attempt to keep the United States from using the area as a staging area for future battles. Japanese soldiers from the 223rd and 224th Infantry Regiments were dug in nicely in a fortified position on Lone Tree Hill overlooking Maffin Bay and it was the job of the United States 158th Regimental Combat Team to take the hill.

After heavy opposition and having been outflanked, the U.S. 158th gave way to the U.S. 6th Infantry Division and after ten days of fierce fighting the Hill was taken. When the fighting had ended Japan had lost 3.870 mean to fighting and another estimated 11,000 to disease and starvation. Strategically they lost a valuable piece of geography as the United States used this area for staging for six ensuing battles including Leyte and Luzon in the months ahead.

In April of 1944 the Japanese could not afford to lose any more men or land possessions and this loss was one of many in a slow march towards the end of the war for the Japanese. The Americans, by the way, lost about 1,000 men during this battle.

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