WWII History

HiTech Creations and Aces High continue to honor the brave soldiers who fought in World War II by looking at another of the great battles during that war. Today we will take an in-depth look at the Battle of Kursk, a massive battle on the eastern front that took place near the city of Kursk. This battle was the last major offensive by the Germans on the eastern front and the subsequent victory by the Russians effectively ended any further aggression by the Germans on that eastern front.

The Germans came into the battle with over 780,000 men, 2,928 tanks and over 2,000 aircraft. The Russians had close to two million men, over 5,000 tanks and close to 3,000 aircraft. This was a two-month engagement in 1943 and was the largest series of armored clashes and the costliest single day of aerial warfare in history.

The Russians were well-aware of the impending battle and had dug in defenses that simply could not be breeched. With a web of minefields, pre-arranged artillery fire zones, and eight defense lines that were 250 km deep, this stronghold could not be taken by the Germans no matter how hard they tried. When the German forces had worn themselves out trying to take this position, the Russians countered with their own attacks and in so doing pushed the German forces back for good.

When all was said and done the Germans had lost 54,182 men, had 323 tanks destroyes, and lost 159 aircraft. The Russians lost 177,000 men, over 1,600 tanks and aircraft losses close to one thousand. It was, needless to say, a bitter battle that crippled the German forces and cancelled their plans to take control of the eastern front for the rest of the war.

It is battles like this one that are fought over and over again in war games like Aces High. Especially during scenarios and other special events, gamers are able to play this combat flight simulator against the best gamers in the world and match their skills against the best.

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The Battle of Peleliu, otherwise known as Operation Stalemate II, was a battle between the United States and the Empire of Japan in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. Peleliu, which is present day Palau, was considered by some to have significant importance as a staging area as the United States pushed forward to Japan’s mainland, but historians have since been critical, saying that the island held little strategic value. Whoever is correct, the facts show that this battle, fought between September-November 1944, was one of the fiercest and most costly battles for the United States Marine Corps.

When the battle ended the 1st Marine Division had lost close to 6,500 men, or about 1/3 of their division, and the division was effectively out of the war until their numbers could be replenished shortly before the Battle of Okinawa.

The Japanese lost over 10,000 in incredibly brutal fighting; the importance of stopping the United States advance was not lost on the Japanese command and they put everything they had into defending this island. The final outcome, however, was inevitable as the numbers going into the battle showed superior American numbers, 28,000 to 11,000, and at this point of the war supporting aircraft and ships heavily favored the Americans. Despite the heavy losses the outcome really was never in doubt.

To the brave men who fought during World War II, we at HiTech Creations say thank you! Aces High was created by a team of history buffs who wanted to not only make a successful combat simulator but also honor in some way the fighting troops of the United States.

Our aircraft, sea vessels, and land vehicles are as close to replicas as we could make them. Our attention to detail was important to us as we strove to make the best World War 2 flight simulator on the market.

We believe that players of war games and history students worldwide will recognize this once they play Aces High. This really is as close to actual combat as any of us will ever experience and we are so grateful to the men, and women, who serve our great nation so that we have the freedom to play flight sim games in their honor. We at Aces High salute you!

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