WWII History

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World War 2 flight simulators need to be authentic or they are just another run-of-the-mill flight sim. The good ones go the extra mile to provide aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships that come as close to reality as is possible with an online game.

Aces High recently featured their version of the B-29 Superfortress, the number one workhorse in World War II. The B-29 had a pretty interesting history in aviation, one worth mentioning here.

Boeing believed so strongly in their pressurized long-range bomber design that they developed the prototype for the B-29 using their own funds before an order was even placed by the military. This bomber was capable of delivering 20,000 lbs of bombs to a target 4,290 km away and could fly at a speed of 400 mph, unheard of figures for 1938-1939 when development was taking place.

Eventually the Air Corps placed their orders for this “Super Bomber” and by 1942, 500 of these bombers had been ordered. It became the largest aircraft to see action in World War II. Originally it was planned as a high-altitude daytime bomber but in reality it ended up doing more low-altitude nighttime incendiary bombing missions, especially against Japan towards the end of the war. It was also one of the few aircraft to continue in service after World War 2, seeing considerable action in the Korean War. By the time it was retired from service, in 1960, there had been 3,970 aircraft built.

The B-29 was a four-engine propeller-driven bomber that was flown by the United States as well as Great Britain; a slight variation of it was also flown by Russia under the name Tupolev Tu-4. It is probably best known as the bomber that carried the atomic bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ultimately ended the war in the Pacific Theater.

Attention to that kind of detail has set Aces High at the front of the pack in combat simulators. If flight simulation games don’t give you that kind of detail and authenticity then they simply are not worth your time and effort.

Still have some doubts about Aces High? Then we suggest you sign on for the free two-week download and find out what a real flight simulator is all about. We guarantee that once you fly the Aces High skies you won’t want to try any other World War 2 flight simulator.

It’s funny about descriptions and labels; so many of them mean the same thing, but because they are worded differently they confuse people. Take for instance the phrase “online flight sim games.” At various times that has been described as flight sim, flight simulator, simulation games, flight simulation games, and of course online flight sim games. Whatever you want to call it, Aces High is hands down the best in the field.

So what does that label mean? Let’s break it down and find out. Online obviously means that it is meant to play on a computer. Flight means the game has something to do with flying an airplane. Sim is an abbreviation for simulation, which simply means to imitate some real thing, in this case to imitate flying. And finally games means that while playing this simulation you will be competing against other players.

HiTech Creations began this business with the simple philosophy to create one game, a combat flight simulator, and one game only, and to make it the best online flight sim game on the market. They have never changed that philosophy since Aces High first came on the market in 2000. All of their efforts, all of their creative talents, all of their brain power have gone into Aces High, and the public has responded by making this dynamite game the best year after year.

Most of the action on Aces High is centered on World War 2; thus, it is sometimes referred to as a World War 2 flight simulator. The aircraft, ships, and land support vehicles are all replicas of those found in World War 2. The 3D cockpit is a replica of an actual cockpit found in World War 2. There is nothing cheesy about Aces High and any World War II student will appreciate the attention to detail that is found in this great combat simulator.

So what makes Aces High the best? Well, we suggest you try Aces High and then try to leading competitors, like Total Simulation Series. We think you will find, once you actually try the two, that in every category possible it is apparent that when HiTech Creations decided to make only one game instead of a series of games that they made the right decision. We are that confident and so we invite you to try out Battleground Europe or World of Tanks, or any of the other simulation games out there. We know that once you do you will come back to Aces High, the leader in online flight sim games.

What makes a great World War 2 flight simulator? Now there’s a question that has a whole bunch of answers. I guess we need to break it down into two separate questions: first, what makes a great flight simulator and second, what makes a great World War 2 simulator, because both facets are in play when discussing the competition on the market in flight sim games.

When HiTech Creations started Aces High in 2000 they were determined to make one game and one game only, and that game was going to be the best on the market. Period! They weren’t going to water down their efforts by making several games, like some of the competition, and they weren’t going to jeopardize their stated goal by hiring anyone but the best among the experts in this field.

So the experts behind Aces High were first and foremost students of World War II. It was very important to the creators of Aces High that their staff have a love affair with World War 2 and flying, just as they did, thus ensuring that every possible detail of that war was simulated in Aces High. You can see this love of detail in the aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships that can be found in Aces High, and you can also see it in the dedication of volunteers who run special events aimed at honoring World War 2 events and simulating the details as closely as possible.

Secondly, it was important to the creators of Aces High to produce the best in flight simulators. The controls in the 3D cockpit are filled with painstaking detail and the response to controls makes it seem as though you truly are in the skies over Midway as Zeros shoot at you from every possible angle.

If you plan on trying out several flight simulators, or flight sims as they are often called, then pay attention to those aforementioned criteria and see for yourself that Aces High leads the way. Heck, the creators of Aces High are so sure that you will agree that they give you a free two-week download to try it out. That, my friends, is confidence at its very best. HiTech Creations makes one World War 2 flight simulator, and it is the best on the market. Games like Total Simulation Series come and go over the years but since 2000 only Aces High has stood atop the competition and that’s because of their one and only goal: to make one game, one game only, and have that game be the very best.

Each month Aces High, the exciting World War II game, holds a special event called “This Day in WWII.”   It is a themed event held on the anniversary of a famous battle in that war. June 6th commemorated D-Day, also known as the Normandy Invasion or if you prefer Operation Neptune, when Allied forces invaded a 50-mile stretch of coastline at Normandy, France.

All players are welcome for these special events and there is no preparation needed. If you are into war games, and why wouldn’t you be, then show up, read the Arena Message, and have a blast.